Finding A Place In MySpace

By | December 1, 2006

They had studied together at Uni seven years ago and now she had sacrificed her degree to raise a couple of children.  Taylor meanwhile had gained a successful placement in one of Manchester’s most renowned solicitors offices, Keaton and Keen.

Sometimes she resented the fact that she now had to keep home instead of pursuing the career she had trained for and worked towards all her life.  She had always been a talented artist, her school work adorned the walls of Bainbridge High.  Her name could now have been proudly displayed over the door of any design studio.  But no, here she was, a mother of two young children and a housewife.  There were days when she felt empty, useless.

Taylor had been the most adoring boyfriend, always lavishing with gifts and kind words.  He even wrote her verse and captured her heart.  He courted, dined and wooed her until she gave in.  They were soon married and their love for each other kept them warm at night during the early years.

He was a relentless lover too, he fucked her in every room of the house and she enjoyed being taken over and over again by this insatiable man.  Their love making was hot and furious, filled with passion.  She never tired of his demands on her and every moment they were together seemed to be spent in bed or fucking somewhere in the house.

Those days were now history.  Their relationship began to crumble when he started to work late at night, leaving her to sit with television as her only company when the kids had retired to bed.  Her nearest family member was over fifty miles away and she had no friends in this neighbourhood, yes she said “hello” to the mothers at school gate but nothing more than that.

She was watching the BBC news, on her own, as usual. They were running a story about MySpace and how it had opened up a new virtualworld to some people.  It intrigued her.  The children had gone to bed and Taylor was yet again working late at the office.  She decided to start up her own account.  If she couldn’t make any real life friends, then maybe she could find some cyber ones.  People with similar interests to her, people who were tied to the house in the evenings and wanted some company.

She laboriously set up her account, following the instructions to the letter, she wasn’t computer literate at all.  She was more of a hands-on, practical kind of person. So when the account was finally set up she felt the unfamiliar glow of pride in her handiwork.  “Houswife Kerry”.  Ok it sounded a little bit kitsch but she did think of it in a hurry.

Right, all she had to do now was to sit back and wait for people to read her profile and contact her.  She was excited for the first time in ages, her heart raced at the prospect of having someone other than four year old Toby or six year old Kirsty to talk to.  She loved her kids but it wasn’t the same as having a adult to share your thoughts and troubles with.

Mission complete, she made her way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and left her PC logged in.  She couldn’t wait for the first response.  As she poured the hot water on to the coffee granules the sound of a message hitting her inbox was audible from the study.  She hurriedly added the sugar and milk then made her way upstairs to see what she had received.

“MySpace Friend Request”, greeted her as she clicked her inbox.  It was from a guy called Leo, who wanted to be one of her friends.  Without a further thought she clicked to accept him.  She now had one new friend.  She settled back in the chair eagerly awaiting another response.  “Bing, bong!”,  a new message arrived in her inbox.  It read, “Hi HK, thanks for accepting me as one of your friends.  Would you like to chat”?

Her heart began to beat faster and faster as she contemplated the prospect of communication with another adult.  It was a guy too, which made it all the more exciting.  She wondered for a moment if she should mention this to Taylor…The thought didn’t stay with her for long.  Of course not.  Did he care when she caught him at the office with his secretary?  She had gone over unannounced after Terri his receptionist had left for the day, she didn’t know why but something told her to go over and find out why he was staying late on Kirsty’s second birthday.

The party at the house had gone well, all of the children from playgroup had been invited over for birthday tea.  Kerry did well to keep it all together and make her excuses for Taylor not being there and having to work late on a client.  After they all left she asked her mother to stay for a while longer, she needed to drop something off at Taylor’s office.

Most of the office was in darkness when she arrived and Taylor’s door was open just a crack illuminating a strip of floor which lead the way in to his office.  Before she reached the door she heard a woman’s giggle.   Was this the client he was working late for?  She made her way across reception, towards the door.

Adrenaline coursed through her as she placed her hand on the door handle and pushed the door inwards.  She was greeted by a woman wearing just her skirt laying across Taylor’s desk with her legs wide and dangling over the edge.  To the side Taylor was stood wearing just a shirt and tie.  The girl’s ample tits bounced up and down as he moved in and out of her.  She was struck with horror as they continued to fuck in front of her, seemingly unaware of her presence.  “I won’t stay”, she exclaimed as she turned to make her way out of his office.

Taylor and the girl looked over to the door, mouths wide, a look of surprise frozen on their faces.  It took them a while to plaster over the cracks following his betrayal of Kerri but they agreed to give it another go.  Months later Kerri was pregnant again with Tony.  All seemed well.  At least for a short while…

Now she had nothing to do with female friends, she tried not to engage them in conversation.  At school she would merely exchange greetings and niceties but nothing more.  It was dangerous to have girlfriends too.  She made do with the children and the odd exchange at the local shops.

She typed in her reply, “Hi Leo, I would love to chat.  Just give me a moment to install IM”.  The she pressed reply.  She clicked on the install option for IM and within moments the message popped up that it had installed correctly.  Leo wasted no time…

“Hi Kerry, how are U?”

“I’m fine.  Just settling down for the evening with a cup of coffee”.  She replied.

“Where are U?”

“We live just outside Manchester”

“Have U any photos you can put on your page?”, he enquired

She thought this was a little strange, asking about photos when they had only just started to talk.

“No, I have only just set this thing up”.

“I see.  So what do U look like?”

Kerry was slightly taken back by his forthright attitude.

“I’m a 5′ 5″ brunette with brown eyes and slim build”, she reluctantly keyed in to her message.

“I am a 6′ 3″ medium build blue eyes and I love MILFs”

What the hell are MILFs?  She asked herself.  Not wanting to seem stupid or unfashionable she didn’t pursue the question with Leo.

“How about U send me a picture and Ido the same?”, he asked.

“I don’t know if I have one on the PC”, she replied.

“U liv near to Manchester?”

“No, about 30 miles away.”

She took in a deep breath and responded.

“Have you been on MySpace long?”

“About six months.  R Uwearing a skirt?”

Kerry felt herself trying to avoid his questions. Despite her discomfort she continued.

“I am new to all this, I thought it may help me find someone to chat with.”

“Kerry, you can chat to me whenever you like.  Now where were we?  Oh yes, what RU wearing?”

Kerry began to type slowly in to the keyboard…

“I…am wearing…a black skirt and red t-shirt.”

“RU wearing any underwear?  Is your pussy nice and wet?”

Desperate, lonely and now resigned she relented…

“No…I don’t have anything on under this skirt and I am a little moist…”