Sex, Again and Again

By | September 10, 2010

It’s sad but true, many of the bloggers we all loved to read have gone or are in throws of leaving the blogosphere.

Over the years that Alex and I have been blogging we have seen many come and go. I suspect some get it out of their system and then pack up their things and go. For others they like to flash a bit of flesh and then disappear in to the ethos.

Some like to give us a glimpse in to their world for a while and then decide to move on. Whilst other find it quite therapeutic to write about their everyday life, perhaps in life they don’t get listened to or are bullied and blogging gives them an outlet.

Whatever the reason people set up shop and then move on or close, everytime a longstanding blogger disappears it’s like you loose a friend. In the vast world of the Internet it may seem strange to say that but just like a comfy pair of slippers they vanish without a trace.

It sometimes seems like the personality of blogging is being extracted and replaced by something mechanical and formulaic, how I long for those days of innocence and genuine openness.

I suppose just like everything else blogging is cyclic…well you can hope