Clitoral Orgasms, Give It To Me Harder, Faster!

By | March 9, 2008

Clitoral orgasms are much more intense an experience than vaginal ones. The ones I have with Alex, especially the g-spot orgasms are very pleasurable but do not throw you in to another world and render me speechless, as happens when I come on my clit.

Using my fingers alone can take anything between ten and twenty minutes for me to get to the right point. The point of no return is wonderful and if you are very careful and use the right mix of digital stimulation and backing off you can keep yourself teetering for some time.

I personally love this stage, the senses are heightened, your pussy is pulsing with the increased blood flow and feels as if it is resonating and my fingers and toes tingle as electric spasms envelope my pelvic girdle.

Keeping myself at that stage makes the ass clenching clitoral orgasm so much more intense when I finally allow myself to tip over the edge. I throw my head back in the pillow, grip my buttocks tight, tilt my pelvis down in to the bed and cross my ankles bracing myself for the gripping intensity of what’s to come. 😉

Most of the time I like to play with my clit, taking my time languishing in the warmth of the moment. But occasionally I just want to come and come, no foreplay, no preamble, just good hard sex or fingering. Lol Then I use one of my clitoral stimulators, I find they bring me off quickly, although the Alethia I reviewed the other day probably has the edge in terms of speed.

Speaking of my review the other day, Steve raised an interesting question which got me thinking. He asked if I had ever reviewed the Vielle, this clitoral stimulator is made to be used once and discarded as I found when I looked it up. Although I can see good reasons for maybe having a disposable clit vibe at the same time I found myself feeling that this wasn’t very green and that having a clit vibe you can reuse time and time again is far better for the conscience.

I suppose a good application for the disposable option would be in an adult entertainment establishment where you don’t want to risk cross infection. It would also allow the purchaser to try the product out before committing to a pack of 3. I’m also in favour of having toy vending machines and this could possibly be one of the products.

I’m also wondering right now as I write this just how fast I can bring myself off with a clit vibe…

…”Alex bring your stop watch I have some research to do!”

Tune in later for the results and perhaps we can compare times. 😉

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