Ultimate Fetish Fantasy 1

By | September 12, 2010

Waitress“I don’t see how this can work.” Said an exasperated Victor.

“Well apparently it does.” Said Marie. “Helen said it was wonderful when they tried it, and she’d not lie to me, especially when it costs this much.”

Two thousand pounds for a weekend was not what Victor thought of as a cheap long weekend away. He wanted to believe it would be a weekend to unwind and live out their fantasies but couldn’t help feeling that Marie’s friend Helen might be prone to exaggeration from the effusive and unconditionally enthusiastic report she had given the hotel.


Pulling up outside the hotel only served to reinforce the feeling that they may have made a mistake. Pretty though the small Georgian house was in its small clearing in the woods it didn’t shout class or hint at great facilities. Victor sighed and realised Marie was looking deflated too.

“Come on, I’ll get the cases.” He said, trying to sound up-beat.

They were greeted by a short man, about five feet tall with a shiny bald head and heavy black rimmed glasses.

They gave him their names to which he replied “Ah yes, the friends of Mr and Mrs Marriott. They did so enjoy their stay …” He seemed to leave the sentence unfinished even though it was perfectly formed as if tantalising them.

They were shown to their rooms, told dinner was at eight and with no other explanations as to how the weekend would progress left to themselves.

Victor took a shower while Marie unpacked. She sat on the side of the bed when she’d finished and looked around the room. It was furnished simply but with an obvious quality. There were few ornaments except one on the bedside cabin. It was a tetrahedron, four identical triangular faces made from a dark stone, almost black with something gold flecking its surface. The faces were smooth but the stone seemed to absorb the light not reflect it, only the gold flecks and the strange, abstract geometric carvings on the surface breaking the matt black finish.

Marie picked it up, it was heavy, heavier than its height of ten centimetres would indicate. One corner suddenly felt loose, Marie twisted it and it rotated 120 degrees before clicking into place somehow. The rest of the object suddenly came to life separating into dozens of smaller pieces. They slid over one another, never coming apart completely but changing, realigning and then reforming into a new tetrahedron which was identical in shape and yet felt somehow different in Marie’s hand. She placed it on the bedside table and looked down at her legs.

She was wearing red latex stockings and red high heels. Heels too high to be practical. She felt a latex leotard clinging to her body, high cut at the hip and showing every contour of her pussy lips and breast. She looked at her own erect nipples as if they belonged to someone else. Without thinking she raised her fingers to touch the nipples and found her hands were enclosed in long red latex gloves.

Marie stood up a little scared and very turned on. She walked to the bathroom, the noise of the shower telling her Victor was still in the shower.

He only saw her when she opened the cubicle door. “When did you buy that get-up?” He asked with an enthusiastic smile.

“I don’t know.” Said Marie, honestly.

She reached for Victors cock. Holding it she found it stiffening quickly in her hand. The water from the shower was spattering on the latex glove, the latex stretched over her C cup breasts and down her red shiny stockings.

Victor put his hand in her hair and watched as Marie stroked his now hard cock. She did not look at him just intently stared at his hard member, waiting for the eruption.

It was not long in coming. Thick jets of cum spattering against the tiles on the shower wall before being washed off by the water from the shower head. Victor felt weak at the knees, Marie was excited in a way that felt quite sinful. A glowing, burning tingling in her pussy lips that told her she wanted to be licked and sucked.


They both lay naked on the bed and tried to take in what had happened. Victor listened while Marie explained the black object and what had happened. Although incredulous he believed her, after all he had seen the appearance of his kinky inexplicably latex clad wife with his own eyes.

They were both still turned on, but a little perplexed.

“Pass it here, let me have a go.” Said Victor.

Marie placed the black tetrahedron in his hand. He turned it over until he noticed a tiny round indentation.

He pressed it.

To Be Continued