I Came In Record Time!

By | March 10, 2008

In my post yesterday I pointed out that my clit vibes are very effective and that the latest one is probably the quickest I have for bringing myself off. Things could change, watch this space. Lol

As I pointed out I seemed to come in record time but I was judging this without the use of a timer and as we all know sex can bend time. If you are having fun hours can seem like minutes, well you get the gist.

So after writing up my post sat next to Alex in the office, I jumped up out of my chair and said that I was retiring to our room to time myself having an orgasm. The funny thing is, despite Alex not being privy to my post writing he just followed me like it was perfectly normal to do this kind of thing. That’s what I love about him, my impromptu actions never seem to phase him. 🙂 Who else would just follow their partner to the bedroom, no question asked?

I lay on the bed on top of the sheets in just my long t-shirt, it was hot last night for no apparent reason it’s March in the UK for heavens sake! Alex slipped on to the other side of the bed holding his mobile.

“Are you planning on taking images”, I asked with a giggle.
“No, it has a stopwatch”, he replied.
I was glad he thought of that.

I turned on the television for some background noise, I can be fairly noisy when I come and it also broke the tension in the air. For some reason Alex laying next to me with stopwatch poised made me feel ever so slightly self conscious. Almost like I had invited a film crew from the BBC round to document the event.

Now, that’s an idea if Dawn Porter can play at being faux pregnant I’m sure viewers would enjoy watching me. Lol

Anyway, where was I?

I turned on the vibe and Alex waited for me to give him instruction to start the clock. Vibe applied I gestured for him to begin the count.

Without an adequate training regime for this event I was soon in to my stride. Moving the small vibe from side to side across my clit. It was already very sensitive and the movements were being registered in my synaptic pathways.

My clit was pulsing and raring to go. I changed direction, moving the vibe up and down my clitoral hood. Wow! I had found the sweet spot. My legs and arms started to tingle and my pelvic area seemed to resonate with pleasure.

Then it hit me with its full force as I twitched and cried out in front of Alex. My body arching off the bed and my buttocks pulled tight. As the emotions subsided I opened my eyes to see Alex smiling above me.

The haze cleared and I asked “How long?”

It seemed like several minutes had passed.

“97 seconds”, he divulged.

I smiled…

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