Ultimate Fetish Fantasy 2

By | September 12, 2010

Red DressThe black tetrahedron did as it had done before, splintered and re-merged into an identical but somehow different object.

Victor found himself standing at the side of the bed looking down at Marie. She was dress in red latex again, this time the leotard was replaced by a latex dress that terminated mid-thigh. He leant over and slid the red leather collar he found in his hands around her neck. He fastened a lead to the collar and tugged it gently to indicate she should stand.

A wooden door had appeared in the wall next to their bed. He opened it and lead her through.


They were in a longhouse, Viking in style but populated by a variety of warrior clans from Nordic raiders to Saxon knights. A long table ran the length of the hall as if ready for a banquet, yet empty.

They stopped at the head of the table. Victor knew what he wanted. He pushed Marie forward onto the rough timber and lifted the latex dress to expose her full buttocks and a hint of naked pussy. Marie waited for him to fuck her, it was what she wanted, what she had always secretly desired, to be taken by victor in front of a room full of strangers.

Victor was about to pull out his cock from under the rich robes he was now wearing when a pair of dark haired women appeared from behind him and took matters into their own hands. One knelt in front of Victor, the other behind Marie, pushing her legs apart.

Marie felt a warm, wet tongue begin to lick her pussy. Her surprise at this twist in events served to heighten her arousal and sensitivity. She ground her pubic bone against the wooden table in an effort to stimulate her clitoris. The tongue lapped her slit, drinking from the increasing flow of aromatic fluids dripping from her cunt. The tongue darted inside her wet hole, not as filling as a cock but exhilarating because of how alive the muscular intruder felt inside her.

Victor looked down, watching his cock uncovered, licked and devoured by the dark haired woman. She slurped the dribble of precum from his member then probed inside the tip of his cock seeking out more of the clear nectar. His cock then disappeared into her mouth, sucked then driven into her throat until his balls touched her chin. Her head bobbed on his cock, tongue rubbing the underside of his penis until he was ready to burst.

The tongue in Marie’s pussy moved up and began to circle her anus. The gentle licks became more insistent, the tip of the tongue harder and soon Marie did everything she could to relax muscles around her tight hole to allow the owner of the tongue to push its tip inside her.

Victor almost came in the kneeling woman’s mouth but needed to fuck his wife. He pushed his cock-sucking attendant away then did the same to the owner of the tongue probing Marie’s anus.

His cock slid into Marie’s wet pussy, filling her to an extent that made her cry out. He rammed into her hard with an animal enthusiasms that caused Marie to cum within a few strokes. She could see and hear the men around the table, cheering and encouraging Victor. The sight of his wife’s asshole, wet with saliva encouraged Victor to do something he had never tried before. He pressed his thumb against the normally tight ring. A slight pressure told him his wife’s hole was ready to open and a slight push allowed his thumb inside just short of the second knuckle.

From then on with every stroke he could feel his digit though the thin walls of her anus and vagina. He watched her hands which now grasped the edges of the table, waited until her muscles gripped his cock and her knuckles went white as she gripped the table harder and knowing she was cumming allowed himself to climax. His powerful ejaculation lasted ten or twelve stroked and was accompanied by a deep, growling roar.