Grown Up Girls With Gorgeous Breasts

By | September 12, 2010

Erica RoeWhen I was five we moved into a new house. I immediately made friends with a boy across the road who was a couple of years older than me. We were friends until his family moved house about five years later.

We were really good friends and spent a huge amount of time together in the surrounding countryside and on the recreation ground behind his house. I was mulling over things earlier and suddenly remembered he had a sister. I can’t believe that I would forget such an obvious and significant member of his family – one whole person.

It’s doubly odd because thinking back now I seem to remember she was quite a looker and had huge tits. Not something I usually miss.

In mitigation I have to say I was five years old.

Being a sexual being as I am now it never crosses my mind that at one time I wasn’t. There was a time when I would happily ignore girls, no matter how attractive and provocative because the most important thing on my mind was getting home to watch cartoons, or cycling to the playground to do something terribly risky on the climbing frame.

It’s like I’m a different person. And of course I was.

Amazing what hormones and puberty does to you.

Anyway, as I have now remembered my friend’s amply endowed sister yet can’t remember her name I feel I have to wish this anonymous but bouncy girl all the best and assure her I’m now having warm memories of her – where ever and whoever she is. LOL