No Butts

By | December 2, 2006

This was originally publish in May of this year, but a fellow blogger expressed an interest in it and the subject matter so I thought it was worth  dusting off and posting again.

Suze X

Alex assumed the position on the mattress. Ass in the air pointing directly at me, cock and balls visible between his widely parted legs. His breath was quite rapid and expectant, posture taught and eager.

I reached over for the purple butt plug and applied a generous blob to the tip of the plug. Using my index and middle fingers I worked the lube over the plug until it glistened, being careful not to coat the bottom. I had done this once before and the bloody thing shot across the bed and had to be retrieved when I stopped laughing.

Alex shuffled on his knees, parting his cheeks in anticipation. I worked the tip of the plug around his tight anus, lubing the sphincter in readiness. Gently I pushed the plug in to his anus and watched as he accepted the tip. He let out a slight moan and I enquired if he was OK. Alex confirmed that he was ready to take more with a further groan.

I worked the tip in to his ass, slowly rotating the plug from side to side making sure to coat his colon adequately. Easing the plug a little father in to his ass and squeezing his perineum simultaneously. The vocal response was one of pleasure as I pressed my palm in to the base of his cock.

As I pushed in a little more he arched his back, making his bottom point upwards and tilting his hips downward, moving the butt plug within himself. I smiled a knowing smile, he was getting turned on by the rectal stimulation and most probably sensing the plug pressing against his prostate gland.

His balls had now become tight and his cock was pointing out front. I pushed the remaining inch inside him and then felt the pull as his muscles gripped and pulled the plug out of my hands and up to the base. Those muscles were so tight and the plug was now locked in place.

I shuffled round to the front of Alex and leaning on my right arm took a grip of his balls. The tip of his bouncing cock was dripping pre cum on to the bed sheet, a little puddle had formed below his erection. Too late for me to lick it from the sheet as it was now lost to the fibres of the sheet but at the very tip a bead was forming ready for me to taste.

Alex still on knees before me I enclosed my mouth around his helmet and gently sucked. He tasted good and smelt of Palmolive soap. I ran the tip of my tongue around the underside of his hood and then firmly circumnavigated his cock with my grip. He gasped at the firmness of my grip on his erection and his balls. Slowly I pulled the foreskin back to see his proud head shining with the tension of his stretched skin. God he was hard.

I spat on the tip and began to stroke him, slowly at first. Alex was really getting in to this now and with eyes closed, head tilted back and face pointing to the ceiling he began to thrust in to my hand. I changed grip, creating an “O” out of my middle finger and thumb and began to stroke him more intensely. Alex was moaning and reassuring me with his confirmative moans of pleasure.

His cock was really wet now with all the pre cum he was releasing, no need for spit. I pushed up against his perineum with my hand and stroked him faster. He was now thrusting quite hard in to my fingers, the rhythm intensifying by the minute. A small dribble of saliva was running from the corner of his mouth, the result of the concentration on his face. I love to look up and see him when he reaches this almost transcandental state of euphoria.

He was close, I placed my full hand around his erection and pumped away at him. His body tensed and with one huge thrust and an arching of his back, cum began to shoot from the tip of his glans. Another thrust and it fired straight on to my cheek. I loosened my grip as the last of his seed hit my left breast. With a final groan Alex collapsed backwards on to the bed a smile appearing on his previously almost pained face.

No need to ask if he enjoyed that.

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