My Nipples Need Attention

By | March 10, 2008

My nipples go through various stages of sensitivity like most other women’s. The are particularly receptive when I am about to have my period and the slightest touch can be joyous or painful.

I find the lightest of touches during this time is such a turn on. A feather brushed lightly over the top of my areola or my rubber whip gently draped over the top of my breast is a real turn on. It sets my nerves a jingle and for some reason if my nipples are aroused my pussy soon follows suit.

A gentle nibble with the teeth can be very pleasurable post period but quite painful just before and during. Alex has once or twice in his enthusiasm bitten down on my pink nub and solicited an Ouch! Lol Although some may have a liking for this. 😉

Alex uses his tongue on my hardened nipple and sends me wild, each flick make me shudder. And if he runs his tongue from the underside of my breast up and on to my nipple he can get me to do anything. The underside of the breast is really receptive and quite often forgotten.

I enjoy playing with my own nipples when we are fucking, it feels great to pinch and roll them and also tethers them down at the same time. Alex enjoys watching too, don’t think I haven’t noticed. 😉

Oh, and I almost forgot I love to feel them graze against the sheets while Alex is doing me doggy style. The sensation of them rolling on the cotton sheets is wonderful. I wish I could replicate it and sell it.

Which focuses my attention on adult toys available on the market. As you know Alex and I regularly review toys and post about them. There are hundreds of toy designed for vaginal, anal, clitoral and penile stimulation but there seem to be very few available for nipple play.

The main ones being nipple clamps both vibrating and non vibrating and suction cups which I’ve never tried and to be honest am a little frightened of. 🙂 What I would really like is a device which can be placed against or secured to your nipple, which will then flick it or roll it and if possible tweak it.

Now that would be a great addition to my toy box…

If there is anyone out there producing such a product let me know, I would love to give it a try.

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