Drowning In The Scent Of Sex

By | September 14, 2010

LabiaI love smelling of sex. It’s like swimming in a sea of airborne chemicals that tell a story of passion. It varies every time we make love, sometimes dominated by the excreted fluids of one partner or the other. Often mingled with the tang of sweat, deodorant or perfume. It always brings a smile to my face, even hours after the event, walking into a room where we’ve made love.

I’ve written before how evocative smell is for me. Maybe that’s why I find it such an important part of the sexual act. It’s one of those stimuli that I feel is processed the least. Hearing and sight seem to be higher senses, linked to the sentient rather than sensory parts of the brain.

Taste and smell are like touch, low level, basic senses, hard wired, more immediate and visceral. I listen to you speaking to me and comprehend your words, I see your expression, watch your movements and understand you. In comprehending you part of you is lost, or at least obscured as my brain processes the data acquired by my eyes and ears.

To know you, really know you, I have to touch you, but more importantly smell and taste you.

It’s something that modern humans do too little of. In every day life sniffing someone when you first meet them would be looked upon as odd. But haven’t you caught the smell of a member of the opposite sex passing by, their perfume or aftershave? And underneath that, was there something else, something more basic? A real human smell, not concocted in the labs of a multinational conglomerate but manufactured by the human body. Maybe it wasn’t designed to attract you to them as pheromones are, just a true human fragrance and unusual because of its honesty in the cloud of manufactured chemical lies.

Unconsciously I’m sure we all react to those aromas. Though I suspect we are teaching ourselves to ignore them, allowing our intellect to override our instinct and in doing so diminishing our appreciation of other members of our species.

Every part of the human body has a smell all of its own. If you don’t believe me try exploring it. The skin is our biggest organ, it has a varied textural geography and a chemical landscape to match.

The next time you’re alone with your partner, take a long slow trip and explore the exciting sensual country that is their body. Stroke them, lick them smell them from head to toe and see where you both end up.