Fruity Temptress

By | September 14, 2010

Cindy CrawfordSome super models stand the test of time I suppose that is a testament to their being a super model in the first place.  I must say that some of the models of today although quirky don’t quite have the enigmatic qualities of previous generations.

Who could argue that Helena Christenson was deliciously gorgeous or that Elle Macpherson didn’t hit the spot.

Another enduring figure in the crazy mixed up world of super models is the lady in the image above.  In case you don’t recognise her, it’s Cindy Crawford showing us all that at the age of 44 you can still look stunningly hot.

Check out her other images for the Moscow retailer TSUM here or for the full catalogue of images enter tsum Cindy Crawford in to a Google image shoot, there are some stunning shots.  😉