Nurses And Porn

By | September 15, 2010

AssI just read the most contrived piece of reporting and I bet you can’t guess where.  Lol  Yes, it was the Sun famous for it’s accurate reportage.

They were claiming that hospitals were paying for pornography to aid donations in their fertility departments and that female members of staff were objecting to pornography being around as over 77% of the NHS workforce is female and that pornography should not be endorsed.

I find this such a sexist statement, I watch porn, I review porn and even review it.  Such antiquated views are held by middle aged people who are out of touch with the real world.  And what compounded this polarised reporting was the next statement “The reality of porn today is that it increasingly uses younger girls and is more violent and extreme.”

How scathing and ridiculous is that statement, I consider myself to be on the ball when it comes to porn as I receive it direct from source.  I sometimes wonder if I’ve moved to the 18th century…

If you would like to read the full opinionated post you can find it here.