Giving Oral At Lunchtime

By | March 11, 2008

I have spoken before about my local Greasy Spoon which makes the most wonderful sandwiches. But I did forget to update you on the girl they took on, the brunette with the large green eyes. She left about 4 weeks after her arrival much to my disapointment. That girl was a refreshing break in the day but I suppose she was destined to move on. Who knows she could be posing for FHM or Nuts now. *sigh*

Most days the sarnie shop doesn’t have anything or anyone of interest in there. Today was no exception…that was until I came to leave and a tall dark suited guy came in just as I was leaving with my lunch. I think he caught me stealing a glance as I left the shop.

I purchased ham salad on French with mayo. It just occurred to me, there is something phalic about French rather than a standard breadcake isn’t there? 😉 After leaving the shop I made my way as I do every day to my car parked behind the shops in the layby.

There was a blue Ford Focus parked just above mine in today. Nothing unusual as the residents sometimes park their cars too. I turned on the radio and started to undo the paper bag whilst listening to Valerie by Amy Whitehouse.

I had just opened my mouth to take the first bite out of my French as the owner of the Focus next to my car returned and with a flashing of headlights opened the door to his vehicle. It was the guy I had seen only moments earlier in the Greasy Spoon.

On my best behaviour I tried not to look and acknowledge him. Although I think the smile playing upon my lips probably gave me away. To my surprise he didn’t drive off, instead he opened the bag and started to devour his sandwich. I could just make this out in my peripheral vision.

Still not looking I lifted the sandwich to my mouth and rather than taking the large unconsidered bite I would normally take, I found myself taking a very girly nibble from the tip. Almost like I was teasing the end of a guys cock. I know it sounds rather Freud but that is exactly how it felt.

All of a sudden the daily chore of eating my lunch had turned in to a sexual visual treat. I was totally aware of my actions and the way they would be perceived. 😉 How can a person turn from hungry office girl in to Deli Whore in one fell stroke? Oooh errrr!

I have no idea if he was observing me doing my best with the yeast based product but for some reason I didn’t care either. I was having a ball just sexing it up for him. How sleazy is that? It was a fucking sandwich! And I turned it in to a bread based blow job. Lol

I’m not sure if my talents were wasted because he drove off without so much as a thank you and me with mayo on my chin…