Milla Jovovich Laid Bare

By | March 12, 2008

… please!

L’Oréal ran an ad campaign for mother’s day that features four celebrity mums, Claudia Schiffer, Andie McDowell, Jane Fonda and Milla Jovovich. All of them very attractive women in their time, and indeed still today.

Every one of the images of these women was photographed very well indeed. The choice of black and white over colour was both glamorous and flattering. The lighting exactly right for the job.

The thing is these are beautiful women, so why did L’Oréal insist on attempting to elevate them to the status of minor deities by removing every blemish, every line from their faces?

Jane Fonda has lines and wrinkles, she is not the same Jane who played Barbarella in 1968. So why can’t I see any on the published posters and images on the L’Oréal site. To a lesser extent it’s the same for the others, Andie McDowell has smile lines around her eyes and probably a little more than that now, but on the pictures …

This is not the work of L’Oréal’s range of wonder products but marketing silliness. All mothers have a few little lines. They are not unattractive, far from it. Each one represents an anguished thought, they are a visible record of the worry and concern each mother has for their offspring.

To deny that we all age is a sign of the superficial times we live in, but effectively state that mothers can only be attractive if bringing up a child left no visible signs is just not on.

So can we get rid of the smoke and mirrors and see these beautiful women for what they really are; Beautiful enough to be seen as they really are and appreciated evn more because of it.

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