Are Stockings And Suspenders OK?

By | March 12, 2008

I have always love stockings and suspenders since my teenage years when I would attend the local youth club discos wearing them under my nipped waist skirt suits. At the time I was one of only a handful of girls who wore suits and attracted quite a lot of attention. Likewise I have a fetish for men in suits. 😉

My liking for stockings is not shaped by the males I have had in my life but by practicality and my love of basques and suspender belts. I’ve tried tights and to be quite honest they are not sexy to wear and are impeding.

You can’t fuck wearing them, well I suppose you could tear the gusset but then you would be walking around with huge ladders in them. Lol They have a tendency to make their way down your legs as you walk, turning you in to a waddling duck. Not very hot!

Now hold ups were great, freedom of movement, no suspender belt required and easy access if you know what I mean. 😉 Alex loves the feel of nylon around his head when he is fucking me. The only problem with them is that I developed an allergy to them.

At first I could wear them without a problem then I developed a sensitivity to the rubber coating on the tops, the bit which holds them up. Every time I wore a pair my thighs would break out in hives, not very attractive.

So the compromise and my only option is to wear stockings. I bet you are all thinking poor Alex! Lol I must confess I also like the idea of my suspenders showing through clingy clothing, giving you guys a bit of a tease. Not to mention the cheeky twang of the elastic on my thigh as Alex hooks his finger underneath it, pulls and lets go. You can’t do that with tights.

A few years ago I invested in a pair of glass stockings, they were wonderful and shimmered on your legs. I was able to wear them time and time again as they were both strong and durable and I fucked in them many times without so much as a snag.

My naughtiness is heightened when I’m wearing stockings, I enjoy wearing a short skirt and letting just the finest band of stocking top show under the hem of the skirt. I’m just a tease aren’t I? 😉

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