Red Hot Morning Surprise

By | September 18, 2010

KylieOur very lazy lay-in this morning was interrupted by the sound of an unfamiliar package hitting the doormat. I say unfamiliar because due to the hug number of products we get sent we often know who has sent the main by the noise it makes when it hits the floor.

I didn’t get gut, Suze encouraged me to stay for a further ten minutes of snuggling. When I did a red, foiled, bubble-wrap envelope was laying on the mat. I read the sticker on the seal an knew from the company name exactly what it was. We’ve known it was going to arrive for 18 months and have been expecting it to arrive for the last twelve. The packageing looks a cut above the rest and the design of the artwork printed on it reflects the investment made in this particular little treat.

We’ll have to wait until later to enjoy it.

Can you guess what it is?