Sex And The Bridesmaid

By | March 13, 2008

Weddings are very emotional events by the nature of their function. As with all such times the boundaries between feelings become blurred and barriers go down. The women all look at their best, wearing gowns they would never wear outside a reception. The men dress in suits and dazzle with their terpsichorean prowess. Alright, most of us have two left feet but cut me some slack here.

Anyway I suppose my point is that at such times you are a) emotional in a happy but undirected sort of way, b) turned out very nicely and c) more often that not, drunk.

It’s not surprising then that all sorts of fun and games takes place between the party goers. I mean leaving aside the bride, who is pretty much out of bounds unless you’re part of the cast of a mafia movie, you’re probably going to have your eye on a bridesmaid, best man or usher, depending on your gender/preference.

That’s why for me weddings are magical events and why, even if I’m not the one doing the pursuing they have a compelling quality. I wrote about what Suze and I got up to at a wedding here you don’t get much more carried away than that. There is a certain fascination with bridesmaids as far as I’m concerned, as I said before partly because they always look almost as beautiful as the bride and partly their role as attendants to her.

At the end of the service they effectively hand her over to the groom. Their responsibilities discharged they can get on with enjoying themselves. The possibilities are endless.

Or is that just me? Hehehe.