What Price Orgasms

By | March 13, 2008

Alex and I have been writing frank and honest toy reviews with our partners for the last couple of years now. A good toy is not just about how much money you can throw at it, sometimes the cheapest can give the best of pleasure. Some are surprisingly good value for money. That doesn’t necessarily mean dirt-cheap, but spending you money wisely rather than profligately is the wisest choice.

And of course reading a good toy review site like this one helps when you’re selecting your new best friend 😉

When I select a toy for review it has to have and certain amount of appeal and I use a couple of criteria for selection. Firstly it has to be slightly different from the norm and secondly it has to look like it’s the business. 😉

And then there is a third…the unusual. If you are a regular reader you will remember that Alex and I took a third in to our bed not so long ago. Gina Lyne…well, not the real Gina although I wouldn’t say no…but the sex doll.

The experience surprised us both and I can say that it turned me on to see Alex fuck her. That’s where we differ from the norm, we both participate in our reviews and make the most of sexual encounter. It makes for an exciting and highly charged relationship which is enjoyed by both partners equally.

So no matter what your budget you are bound to find something to tease and please in our reviews.

But there is a flip side to the adult toy market. A slightly snobbish one. The ultra-expensive end of the market. Not that the functionality is any better than the standard but that they have now become object d’art for the wealthy to own. Which makes me wonder, do they arrange them on the coffee table for all to see?

These are the types of toys which you would imagine adorn the Beckham household.

Some time ago we reviewed the Lelo, it’s a great versatile massager but not this version this golden 18k plate version will set you back a mere £735. I’ll take two.

You can also buy gem encrusted dildos and vibes but at the end of the day it’s all about the functionality not the bling. I suppose it’s a bit like hookers…

…I may have to rethink that. Lol