And You Thought She Had Large Breasts!

By | September 19, 2010

Pink Haired GirlWe took a trip out to our favourite countryside retreat this afternoon to partake in their delicious food.  Alex and I visit this hostelry at least once a month because they do an extensive menu and their beers are enjoyed by Alex.

It’s a bit of a treat for both of us, particularly me who doesn’t have to cook if we eat out.  And I usually tend to enjoy my food more if I haven’t had to labour over it.

The cliental at the pub are lovely too, mostly from farming stock, locals who all know each other.  They always make us feel so welcome to say that we are townies to them.  Lol

There is another reason why Alex and I like this particular pub.  The girl behind the bar has a huge rack and makes no effort to conceal them.  So whilst we are ordering we are also getting our fill of her curvaceous chest.

Both of us got a pleasant surprise today when we reached the bar.  There was a new member of staff serving and she had a pair of boobs even bigger than the other girl.  I don’t know about Alex but I didn’t know where to look.  😉

May have to pay another visit soon.