Fuck Crying Out Loud…

By | September 19, 2010

DirtySorry guys had a bit of a Meatloaf moment there, that song gets me every time, Bat Out Of Hell is on my top ten of all time.  There isn’t one track on that “LP” which I don’t like, a rare thing indeed, the only other album I can say the same about is the Prodigy’s Fat Of The Lane, an excellent album.

I happened upon a story which inspired this post.

Some years ago when I was in my late teens and had blossomed from a frumpy adolescent to a desirable woman I kicked up my heels and enjoyed the moment.  I had metamorphosed from  the ugly duckling to the swan and a lot of people wanted a piece of me and after so many years of being ignored I finally had my day.

All of a sudden guys were coming up and asking me out on a regular basis, I felt like I had the Midas touch and wanted to exploit it while things were good.  So much so that I ended up going out with 4 guys at the same time whilst only having one “serious” partner.  Bad me I know but after years of repression and timidity this was my time.

It was quite easy for me to juggle all of the guys because my principle boyfriend worked shifts, leaving me to play during the evening.  I had a whale of a time being wined and dined by the other guys who knew nothing of each other’s involvement with me because each one of them knew I had a steady boyfriend.

This situation continued for many months without him ever suspecting and I had a jolly good time, I was never in the house.  I also hasten to add that all these guys were getting was a kiss and a fondle nothing beyond that, all except for my steady guy.

But when you have so many relationships running in unison you have to be so careful.  In particular about names.  I do recall calling my bf someone else’s name and making hasty excuses, which as I recall I did manage to get away with.

Whilst other have not been so lucky.  I just read a story about a woman who called out the wrong name in the bedroom and it cost her, her life.  You can read the story here.  It certainly makes you think…