Getting Erogenous With His Zones

By | December 3, 2006

Following on from yesterday’s post, this was also published earlier this year.

Suze X

Males technically speaking don’t possess a G-Spot, however the prostate cums as close as a man will get. For those who don’t know the prostate is the gland which produces the seminal fluid which contains the sperm. When stimulated it can drive a guy wild and it can give him the most explosive ejaculation.

Some men may baulk at the idea of anal stimulation but before you knock it I suggest you give it a try. It is by no means an indicator of your sexual orientation. If you have never let your partner loose in that area before, begin gently by using a well lubed finger to gently massage your anus. Then when the time feels right, you can let her push just the tip inside your anus. This should feel pleasurable, given the first 3″ of your anus is sensitive to stimulation.

When you become more comfortable with your partner’s finger being inserted try pushing it in a little more. By the time your finger is up to the hilt you should be in roughly the right area to massage the prostate gland. Gently curl your finger downwards and press firmly around the pulpy area. If you are in the correct place the area beneath your finger should feel spongy and soft.

The prostate can now be pressed repeatedly or massaged to provide stimulation, your partner will guide you with his responses. You will soon discover if you are doing it right. His eyes may roll in to the back of his head and he may become quite vocal. When Alex does this it’s wet panties time, I find myself rubbing my clit in rhythm with him.

After experiencing the delights of the finger you can move on to using a slim (finger) vibrator. If the vibrator is inserted and pushed downwards against the prostate he will be butter in your hands before long. Just watch him as he writhes with pleasure.

Whilst moving the vibrator around his g-spot, try gently rubbing his anus around the vibrator with a lubed finger. Then give the occasional squeeze to the balls and rub his perineum firmly, these moves all help to increase the stimulation. Just watch he doesn’t go off in your face. What was that? Oh, you want him too, very well then.

Now with the male g-spot covered back to the male erogenous zones. This listing although comprehensive is by no means exhaustive and certainly not all men will respond the same. Take time to find out what turns him on. I know nails are a must have, most men I have cum across (there I go again) love the feel of a finger nail being dragged over flesh.

So study the picture below and read on. Or if you don’t want to read on, just study this guy. I know I did, it took me far longer than it should have to put this together for obvious reasons.

1. Ears

There are bundles of nerve endings around the ears, making them very sensitive to touch. Try massaging the outer edge and lobe of the ear between the thumb and index finger with slow firm movements. Try squeezing the ear lobes gently and running the tongue and lips behind the ear. Linger for a while, blowing hot breath on your lover and if you don’t feel too much like a porn star, try making quiet moans in his ear. Top tip: saying “Yeh, baby”, doesn’t usually work.

2. Lips

Don’t forget to kiss your guy on the lips, perhaps taking a single lip in between yours and sucking on it occasionally and even a gentle bite can be arousing. This will usually get his juices flowing, not only is it arousing but also a prelude as to what is to cum (yes, I did mean to say that).

Alex likes me to slowly run my tongue across his closed lips and lick him.

3. Neck

A combination of gentle kisses, licks and naughty nibbles normally does the trick here. Remember not to slobber, he may not mind Rex the dog doing that but not you. Start off soft and gentle with little flicks of the tongue to sensitise the area, then gradually work up to full on skin worship. Feel him melt under you. At this point you may be able to ask for that expensive gift you spotted the other day. Do that when he is inside you. LOL.

4. The Scalp

This is one I forgot to mention in the Female Erogenous Zones, I don’t know how I forgot it drives me crazy to have my hair brushed and head massaged. Anyway moving on, the scalp can be very sensitive to touch and often gets forgotten (case in point). Men love to have their heads massaged and gently scratched.

Don’t go at him manically with your nails as if he has nits, just gentle slow scratching. Run your fingers through his hair making circular movements on his head. You should have him purring in no time.

5. Chest/Nipples

Brush your hands up and down his chest and run the occasionally finger nail from his navel upwards. Gently massage his chest with warmed hands. Tug at his nipples and make them firm, you can then bite them. Men’s nipples are generally not as sensitive as women’s, so go on have a bite or too. However, if he screams you should probably back off a little.

In addition to running your nails down his chest, try running them down his side from the armpit. Then back up again, circling the back edge of his armpit.

6. Inner Thighs

Run your fingers and finger nails gently up and down his inner thigh and just watch him grow. He will also enjoy your kisses, licks and nibbles in this area.

I like to tease Alex by starting at the knee, running my tongue just up to his perineum and then stopping. How, l love to tease. 🙂

7. Glans Head

This is the most sensitive part on the male organ and contains the largest number of nerve endings. Very much like the clitoris is for females.

Therefore this is the area to concentrate on to bring him off, although care should be taken as the head can be over sensitive. Lube, lube and more lube and a good stroke will make him a very happy guy.

Remember to pay particular attention to the frenulum (the skin bridge between cock and fore skin at the back of the shaft.) as this contains a concentration of nerve endings too. Be careful not to catch it on your teeth (like I once did) it hurts like fuck I am told.

8. Perineum

This is the area between the scrotum and the anus for those who haven’t been there yet. The Perineum or Taint, again contains a high level of nerve endings and responds favourably to gently massage, fondling and firm licking.

Try using a little massage oil or lube with gentle massage, gradually working up to a more firm movement which stimulates and comforts resulting in a need to penetrate. Oh, yes it will have him wanting to be inside you in double quick time.

9. Scrotum/Testicles

This very sensitive area has to be “handled with care” as too firm a grip can cause pain and possible injury to you when he kicks you. Always fondle his balls with a gentle but firm grip, rolling them in your hand is very pleasurable.

Try licking them and taking one gently in to your mouth. Whilst carefully sucking run your tongue around his ball, if he likes that try taking both in to your mouth. You can throw in a gentle pull, this will make him moan.

If you are instrumental try humming with both his balls in your mouth. This will drive him crazy.

Overall, watch his facial expressions and you will know if you are hitting the spot. Foreplay is all about experimentation, whilst paying heed to your partner’s responses.

10. Buttocks

This area can so easily be overlooked, especially if they are on them most of the time. Only joking guys.

These can be stimulated by gently stroking and running your finger nails over them, to full on massage. Massage them as if kneading dough but don’t try throwing them down on the board. Alex is also partial to the odd nibble or two and when in the throws of passion he likes me to dig my nails in to them.

Now, ladies if after all this he’s still not in the mood then come over the UK and I’ll sort you out. 😉

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