School Sex Fiends

By | September 21, 2010

The telephone. email, the Internet and the Web have meant a revolution in the way that we communicate with each other as human beings. They have all enhanced and in some cases revolutionised the means by which we can spread ideas and absorb ideas, keep in touch and find information.

So when Friends Reunited came along it was obviously going to make a big difference to the way in which school reunions were viewed.

I’ve never been to a school reunion, we moved about a bit when I was a kid and I lost contact with a lot of the people who I went to school with. However I still have very fond memories of some of the girls at school at various stages of my intellectual and sexual development.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m with Suze I suppose I might have tried to look them up. I wonder what would have happened.

The years or decades that have passed since you left school would perhaps have changed you and the object of your affections in ways that neither of you would be conscious of yourself. But I suspect on meeting they would become very apparent. It’s OK carrying a torch for someone, but what if that person has changed so much that you no longer recognise them?

Have any of you guys hooked up with a school sweetheart? And what happened?