Horny Likes It Hard

By | March 14, 2008

Busty, Horny and I were talking about things we cannot put in our mouths…and no we weren’t referring to cock. Lol I’m not sure how the conversation actually came about but it proved to be an interesting one as they tend to be these days. 😉

Busty confessed that she didn’t like the taste and feel of shellfish in her mouth. So, no fishy treats for her then. They make her feel sick because as a small child she had a bad paella in Spain and never forgot the experience. I suppose you wouldn’t. Shame because shellfish can make such a good dish and can be eaten like a dirty whore if you try hard. Lol

Ripping meat from crustaceans and letting the juice run down your chin can be like one of the hottest carnal acts.

Anyway, moving swiftly on.

I divulged that I cannot eat anything suet, it makes me puke just smelling it. I’m not sure where this originated but the very smell of suet on a spoon under my nose can make me wretch.

Once when I was in junior school one of my friends (at least I think they were) held a wax crayon under my nose and I wretched at the smell, it was just like suet. And the bastard didn’t move it despite my pleas to and do you know what…I puked all over them and the floor. Served them right.

It’s strange I know but I don’t like the texture of peanut butter in my mouth it’s too “clarty”, I’m not sure if you will understand what I mean by that. It is best likened to trying to eat biscuits when you are dehydrated. Yes, that’s it.

The taste is wonderful because as you know I love nuts in my mouth. Boom boom. 🙂

It was at this point in the conversation that Horny interjected that she didn’t like wobbly things in her mouth. Well, that set Busty and myself off in to fits of laughter.

“You don’t like cock in there then?”, I added giggling.
“Not unless it’s hard”, Busty exclaimed through her laughter. And may I add she jiggles nicely when she is being jolly.

She went on to explain that she cannot stand the sensation of soggy fat on her tongue. Although she admitted that jelly was fine.

“I like things hard, can’t stand soft”, horny said with a smile playing on her lips.

Do you know, I’m sure they are now Suze baiting to see just how long it will take to make come out with something smutty…not long in this case.

“We know”, both Busty and I exclaimed.