Hard In The Woods

By | September 22, 2010

Rebcecca Demornay“Shortcut”

“Be sure to come straight back when it’s finished.”

“Yes mum.”

“I’m serious come straight back, and don’t cut through the woods, it’ll be dark and it’s dangerous.”

“Mother. I’m thirty two. Stop, well, mothering me!”

“OK. Have fun dear.”


The school reunion went well enough. On the whole the class was as she’d expected them to be. Some surprises but mainly people growing up as she imagined them to. On the whole settled, a couple very successful and one complete dick head.

Despite a couple of inappropriate proposals from old classmates, one of them a woman, it was uneventful and Ellen left alone and with her ears still ringing to the sounds of cheery farewells. She decided to cut through the woods and save herself a good half hour’s walk.

The familiar path that she had used so often as a young girl to travel to and from school looked a little more overgrown than she remembered it. Probably because today’s children were more used to being ferried to school in a car than trudging through the twelve acre wood.

An owl hooted on queue as she stepped into the deep shadows under the trees. It wasn’t completely dark, the leaves had all but fallen and the mood was full. But Ellen had brought a torch and used it occasionally on the more tortuous parts of the path, especially as it started to dip down towards the stream that cut the wood in half.

There was a noise behind her. It sounded like the snapping of a branch but in slow motion. It made her start, her heart pounded, thumping in her ears. She laughed to herself and slowly her heart rate decreased until she was accompanied only by the sound of her own footsteps on the deep carpet of leaves.

After few dozen paces she turned on the torch and looked down. The softness under her feet told her that she had left the path. Not a great idea as the ground was slopping steeply now as she neared the stream and the centre of the wood.

Then she felt something rough stroke her cheek. She turned round, hand raised and ready to strike with her long, red false nails.

There was nothing there. Yet she could hear a faint whisper on the breeze that seemed to be calling her name.

Ellen gulped and as is traditional at times like this told her self to stop imagining things. She found the path again and continued towards the noise of the stream.

The old wooden bridge that crossed the water had been repaired recently. Some of the old timbers were still in place but health and safety dictated the handrail was more robust than it had been when she used to lean over the edge and watch for fish as a schoolgirl. As she looked over the edge and took her first step onto the bridge a voice said softly “Hello again.”

Ellen’s heart beat so hard it nearly leapt from her mouth. She was looking at a man. He was about her age with olive brown skin and flowing dark chestnut hair. She shone the torch into his eyes which glittered green in the torch light.


“You probably don’t remember me. I used to walk you home sometimes from school.” He said softly. His words brushed against her skin like a gentle spring breeze.

Ellen tried to work out if she could kick the guy in the nuts before barging past him and running to her mother’s house. However she’d not been to the gym for a few months and he looked fit so it would have to be an accurate kick …

“You don’t remember me do you?” he said. Ellen’s mind cried out “Fucking weirdo.”

It was then she noticed something. His skin wasn’t one colour, it seemed to be composed of a texture akin to polished wood. The contours of his face almost sculpted, the strong neck perfectly carved, his broad chest solid and sturdy. His abdomen flexible but solid, creaking slowly as he moved … and that thick hard trunk of …

“You haven’t got any clothes on.”

“Clothes?” He asked quizzically “Oh, yes, it’s autumn.”

She was transfixed, but not with fear. A strange familiarity lulled her. She remembered a vague presence from her solitary walks home from school. Always at her shoulder, supportive, friendly. Ready to catch her when she fell as she occasionally did on the path …

His arms were around her again now, not in friendship but holding her with a strength and purpose that excited her. His fingers opened her long coat and slipped inside her blouse unbuttoning the front in fluid and brisk movements. She was falling now, back into the soft bed of golden litter. The damp smell of the leaves mingled with the green woody smell his smooth warm skin exuded.

Se felt herself opening her legs and inviting him between them. Her provocatively short skirt, meant to titillate her ex classmates proving to be eminently practical. He was constantly moving, his skin smooth, yet with a rough edge, abrading her skin, slightly uncomfortable against her inner thighs.

The bulk of his torso, broad, strong and muscular spreading her legs was generating a flow of juices from her pussy that rivalled that of the stream only a few metres away. She could feel a thick, long member pressing between them and wanted it inside her.

His hands enclosed her breasts in a way that told her he possessed them, at least for now and he was in control. He rubbed his erect phallus between them sticky fluid oozing from the end, coating her stomach. Her nails ran down his smooth back carving their marks in its surface.

Then finally as she became desperate and she was ready to demand that he fill her immediately she felt her panties pushed to one side and a member of a width and length she had never before experienced thrust into her sopping cunt.

With slow rocking thrusts like the swaying of an oak in a storm she was fucked into a joyous oblivion of orgasm in a few moments. A state that was brought to a crescendo as she came with the cry of a wild night time creature and was filled with his gushing seed.


When the house was quiet and Ellen was snoring gently in her bed her mother crept into the room and gently stroked her tousled hair. She smiled at her sleeping daughter and thought, as her mother had before her that sometimes it did a girl good to ignore her mother’s advice and find out for herself what lay out in the woods at night.