Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

By | March 14, 2008

Don’t ask!

Yesterday was a dog of a day, not a dog-day, just a dog of a day. It started off fine with a few pieces of good news and some encouraging developments around A-Rouse.com and other things that we have bubbling.

Then, when I got home from work it turned to shit, real shit.

Imagine the shittiest shit you can think of then raise it to a power. Shit to the “n”. There you have it. I suppose it’s about this time I ought to explain that I can’t explain exactly what happened. I can say what didn’t happen. There’s nothing wrong between me and Suze, at all Well apart from the fact that we’re pissed off at a couple of people. We’re solid and happy and supportive of one another. At this point in time we need to be. I mean why is it that people have to be such selfish tossers?

Is this a bit babbling? Ahhhh, that would be because I’m drunk. The sound of a cork slipping from the neck of a bottle was too enticing after what happened just after I got home. The round resonant note formed by the act of un-corking a bottle of fermented grape juice called to me. And I succumbed.

So in actual fact while I’m intending to post this tomorrow, I’m writing it tonight, or last night if you’re reading this as the morning post. And while I’m referring to last night, it’s actually earlier this evening. Sorry if that’s confusing.

[“Alex! You just confused the hell out me…reading this tonight..oh shit, has that confused it even more?” Suze]

Oh bugger it, enough of the explanation and down to a rather weird observation about bottles.

After we’d made love tonight I realised that I had drunk waaaayyyy too much. And on a work night, very unprofessional of me. Want to make something of it? LOL.

It never occurred to me before that the different sounds created by the removal of a cork from different wines and spirits is so unique. Wine and whisky sound different, even different malts have a different tone and as you empty the bottle the tone becomes deeper, more resonant. I love tuning whisky bottles. Hic!

I don’t intend to drink any whisky tonight as it will make me very ill indeed, but I had to mention it. Maybe I’ll save the tuning until the weekend. I’ll resist the warm golden allure of the malt until then.

Sorry, too drunk to continue writing.

Let me just say this. I love Suze with all my heart and when someone upsets her it upsets me. It’s only in times of adversity that you really get to understand how much you care about each other and tonight has reminded me that she’s the one thing that I could never give up, the one that I would gladly do anything for.

[“I’m going to cry now” Suze]

Despite the fact that the arses who caused me to write this post will never read this, saying it in the blog helped.

Thank you and good night.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …