Almost Arrested For Masturbating

By | March 15, 2008

As Alex posted this morning it has been a shit week in personal terms and it has brought us both down. So I was pleased to be able to lighten the mood on Friday at work and we were being a little light hearted and dirty, nothing new there then. It was much appreciated.

It can be quite therapeutic getting out of home life and stepping in to the workplace, a detachment that allows you enough separation from real life problems enabling you to recover slightly.

Another great way to unwind is to have sex. No, really. I find that my blood pressure seems to reduce and I feel a lot happier after fucking. It must be those hormones that only chocolate and sex can release. 😉

Bearing this in mind I took my Alethia to work with me today, I thought I may get a little me time over lunch.

It was a very pleasant bright and sunny day and the birds were singing in the trees and all felt well with the world as I set off to buy my sandwich. I do wish they would get another assistant, the one they have now is a very nice lady but not exactly eye candy. The girl they had before was stunning with her long brown locks and green eyes! *sigh*

I’m a creature of habit and I bought my ham salad with mayo and took it back to the car. As I sat there eating I removed the clit vibe from my handbag and placed it on the seat. Mental preparation for what was to come. 😉 Also practical preparation, I wore a skirt to work, a black one with a white shirt. How Alex loves to see me in this outfit.

I turned on Radio 1 and sat back in my seat enjoying the warmth of the sun as it caressed my left cheek. The sandwich was nice but I also hurried it slightly, aware that time was ticking by and I wanted to have time to play with myself.

Licking the last of the mayo from my fingers I screwed up my sandwich bag and put it in the side pocket on my door for disposal later. I checked out my immediate surroundings…nobody around.

I parted my legs slightly and pulled the hem of my skirt up level with my mid thigh. Enough to allow easy access to my pussy but still have it covered should anyone happen on me. The vibe is discreet and the skirt can soon be straightened. 😉

With a click I turned on the clit vibe and placed it on my middle right finger. The buzz became muffled as I slipped my hand between my open thighs and eased my thong crotch to the left. Thongs are good for covering just enough but being small enough to push to one side for entry.

I eased myself down in to my seat and pushed my finger up between my pussy lips. I was a little dry so I spat on my left hand and spread my saliva over my eager little clit, raising my hand to my nose savouring the perfume. I breathed in deeply and pushed the clit vibe back between my lips.

The buzzing immediately worked and my clit stood to attention the arousal of the friction teasing it in to submission. I placed my left hand on my left thigh, relaxing in to my masturbatory session.

This was good, naughty and arousing I could feel the tension of the morning ebbing from me. I opened my eyes briefly to check that I was still alone…

…call it female intuition, a sixth sense but I was suddenly shaken back in to reality…there was only a police traffic car pulling in to the space adjacent to mine with two uniformed officers in it!

Now, how do you casually withdraw a clit vibe from between your legs and tidy your skirt without arising suspicion? Looking straight forward, trying not to draw attention to myself I did just that and in perfect time, as I pulled the hem of my skirt in to place they got out of the car.

Did I have a guilty expression? Why is it that you immediately feel guilty as soon as a police car comes close to you? You know that your car is taxed, has a current MOT and you were driving responsible…but even so there is always that element of doubt.

“Sorry officer, I was just pleasuring myself”, I could hear those words coming from my mouth.

They walked past my car heading off down the road. I sighed in relief, I have no idea why.

Minutes later they came back sandwiches in hand and I had hidden the evidence. 😉