Geting My Hand Into A Man’s Pants

By | September 24, 2010

Wet ShortsNot being a bloke I can’t say I have ever acquainted myself with the difficulties faced by left handed men when it comes to underwear. It really isn’t something that crossed my mind.

In fact until recently I didn’t understand the rules of “dressing” for me, to me they were a little like the off side rule. Lol Alex put me straight on that, I’m glad we girls don’t need to consider which way to place our bits and pieces.

However HOM had addressed the problem of men wearing Y-Fronts struggling to get their winkies out. They have created a range that unlike conventional underwear which has a vertical opening has an horizontal one just under the waistband.

One thing did just occur to me, how do you stop you dinkle making a break for it when he is excited? 😉