Sex With The Girlfriend’s Best Friend? Why Not

By | September 25, 2010

Fetish DressThe number of surveys that pop up especially before major consumer events like Christmas is quite startling. You notice I mention Christmas as a major consumer event not a festival, LOL, that’s because most surveys these days seem to have an agenda. You have to be pretty naïve not to notice and after all they do make for some amusing reading in the tabloid newspapers and in their online equivalents.

It seems there’s never a day goes by without me receiving one survey or another claiming to show that a need exists in the population for some new adult product. Or that we’re all shagging our partner’s best mates.

They’re all harmless so long as you don’t take them too seriously.

What they tend to do, and I find this interesting, is “research” a premise that we all find intriguing, or a slightly taboo behaviour that we’ve all considered before but never had the guts or opportunity to pursue. The girlfriend’s best friend is a good example, the ultimate taboo, dangerous if it goes wrong. What if she rebuffs you and tells your girlfriend. What if she shags you and then tells your girlfriend?

Then there’s the forbidden fruit thing with fetishes like bondage and S & M. I know this isn’t a survey but look at the Max Mosley “scandal”. It was read rapaciously by consumers of the media and pounced on by the press who seemed initially oblivious to the invasion of privacy and only later acknowledged this point when it became apparent they were not going to be able to nail Mosley as being a Nazi.

My advice. Take all things with a pinch of salt if you suspect something other than total impartiality and enjoy most surveys for what they are, marketing.