Pussy Worshiping – Mould Your Own

By | March 15, 2008

Well Alex has tried it and now it’s my turn. The online sex toy store sent over the Clone-A-Pussy Kit for me to take a perfect replica of my fanny. I will be able to get close up and personal with my own pussy for the first time in my life.

The kit comes complete with every thing you need to make a replica of your pussy, it contains:

Moulding Powder
Moulding Container
Patented Liquid Skin
Liquid Rubber
Stir Stick

You need to provide:

A Measuring Jug
Mixing Bowl or jug
Large Spoon or Spatula
A Paper Cup

Oh…and one freshly prepared pussy. 😉

I made sure that my pussy was mowed and ready for the moulding process. And then we were ready to go.

We decided to do this in the kitchen as the floor is totally washable should we spill anything. Practical as ever, I know! I was stood in the kitchen wearing just a t-shirt, with the cat sat in the window eyeing up the birds and Alex mixing up his moulding gel.

He measured out 2/3 cup of lukewarm water and poured the powder in to the jug, stirring vigorously. The mixture was very thick and lumpy so he added a little more to make it in to a firm mixture he could pour it in to the mould.

Moments later I was stood with my legs wide and leaning against the kitchen sink. The mixture felt cold on application and I let out a giddy little scream and a giggle. After the initial shock of the cold against my hot pussy. Oooh, that sounds so cliché doesn’t it? 🙂 I realised that this mould had to be taken off and asked Alex if I should have greased up first.

He calmed me by saying that the instructions didn’t advise you lube up first. But I know Alex he does and then looks afterwards. I then stood for about 6 minutes in the kitchen hoping that nobody decided to give us an impromptu visit. How would we explain that one?

After about 5 minutes Alex gently eased off the mould and I stood there hoping that it wouldn’t hurt. I had no need to worry the gel eased away from my flesh without so much as a pull. I couldn’t wait to see it and asked him to show me.

There in my hands was my own little pussy, despite the air bubbles it was all me. 😉 A little patience was now required for the mould to fully harden, it recommends several hours on the instructions.

Once the mould is firm and dry you can mix the two part mixture and pour it inside to create your pussy clone. This takes just over a day depending on the room temperature to harden.

A good tip if you decide to have a go yourself is to make sure that you open your lips before the casting material is applied. I didn’t, therefore my casting doesn’t show the intricacy of the female form as well as it might.

Be warned that the mould also shrinks slightly so the end result is not life sized. But it’s nice to get up close and personal with your own pussy when you’re not a contortionist. 🙂

I may make mine (pictured above) into a naughty fridge magnet and see if anyone realises what it is. Lol