An Invite Into Busty’s Bed

By | March 15, 2008

Horny and Busty went out with another girl from work on Thursday for a meal. It wasn’t going to be an expensive affair just some pasta and a couple of glasses of wine.

Even so I declined. We just don’t have the spare cash to be able to participate in these girly nights out. πŸ™ Although they told me that the place they ended up frequenting had a two for one offer if you arrived before 7pm. Damn!!!

So Busty told me I must join them next time or alternatively I could go over along with Horny and the other girl and have a few glasses of wine…I think she meant bottles. Take over my pj’s and stay the night. “You could share my bed and the other two could sleep in the spare room”, she added.

You should have seen the beaming smile on my face as thoughts of laying next to her in a double bed and even better waking up next to her in bed filled my mind. It occurred to me can you be responsible for your actions when you are asleep? You know, like sleep masturbating hehehe.

Do you think she is giving me a gently sign that there could be a chance? πŸ˜‰