Amo l’Italia

By | September 25, 2010

Tuscan VillaWe went out this morning with the intention of buying some new trainers for Suze and came back having booked a holiday in Italy. It counts as a) possibly the most random shopping trip ever and b) one of the most expensive. Actually discounting the cars and houses we’ve bought, the most expensive shopping trip.

And I feel good. Very good.

In the past we’ve always been a bit over cautious about spending on holidays and stuff like that because we’ve never wanted to spend money we haven’t got. Sensible, but it has meant we’ve had fewer holidays than we might. OK, so we don’t have any debts apart from the cars and the house (which are an unfortunate necessity) but there are lots of places that we want to go.

We had intended to go and pick up a few brochures and have a think about it for a bit but we spotted a new villa in the middle of Tuscany and Suze was obviously taken with it. True to form she said we’d have to think about it but I told her that we weren’t going to do that and whipped out my credit card. The deposit is paid and the next summer we’re off to Italy. It’s the first totally impetuous thing I’ve done for years and it feels good.

Suze has been to Italy before when she was a teenager. I have never been and we are both looking forward to our own villa in the sun and our own private pool. I bet you can’t guess what Suze wants that for … hehehe