Large Parcel Opening = Big Toy

By | December 4, 2006

Cupid’s Couch

As I mentioned back in Matching Collar & Cuffs I took receipt of two parcels from our toy supplier that day.  Today we unpacked the second much larger parcel and removed a large poly covered lozenge, a piece of A4 paper and a…no, I don’t think I’m going to tell you…

Oh, go on then.  A foot pump.  I can hear the cogs turning in your heads as you try to think of the reason for the foot pump.  Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any more.  The package contained a Cupids Couch, courtesy of our toy supplier an early Christmas present and what could be more apt for us than a couch for fucking on.  Did I mention it’s wipe clean too?  😉

Alex unfurled the couch attached the pump and began to pump away.  I just love how that sounds.  Meanwhile I looked at the usage diagram sheet and memorised them for later.  Lol

The couch needs a reasonable amount of space to inflate and use, so we decided to blow it up in the living room.  Praying that neither of our parents popped round to see us.  I had my excuse at the ready, “It’s an ergonomic bed for your friends to use if they need to crash out at your house”, would be my response to the inevitable question.  I’m so good, aren’t I?  Almost a pro.  😀

We did wait until nightfall to inflate the couch so that we could close the curtains or all the neighbours would be wanting one too.  It didn’t take Alex long, when he first laid it out I thought by the time he had finished inflating it he would be so out of breath that he wouldn’t want to use it.  Lol

One thing I do advise is that you allow it to warm to the ambient room temperature before you start.  That’s me ever practical.  Another thing to watch for is your cat taking a keen interest, especially with it’s claws!  Mine just had a quick sniff, looked at me as if to say “Dirty Cow” and walked off.

First position, and I’m not talking ballet!  Lol over the backrest, being fucked from behind.  Postion was wonderfully aligned, unlike in the past when there have been differences in height to contend with.  This was a perfect position with added bounce.  Each stroke could be accompanied by an upward bounce from me, something which normally doesn’t occur unless you have rubber knees.  It felt just like wearing air soles must feel to an athlete.  Yes, I said air soles, don’t be so rude.  LOL

I noticed later that the position we used was not on the diagram.  😉  Do you think I could earn some commission for submitting it to their creative department?

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage another position on the first run because we were enjoying ourselves too much.  Pity!  We had to try again.  I can just hear you all saying “ahhh”.  Another thing which did cross my mind in the throws of passion is that I wanted to pee on Alex and it is possible without worry of staining on this pvc love couch providing that you have it placed on a vinyl floor or something equally water resistant.  Right, I am leaving this section to jump back in bed with Alex if you will excuse me!

The following morning we picked up where we left off.  We’re so dedicated to this job.  I must mention at this point before I forget, that the PVC compound this couch is constructed from is not at all slippery.  In fact it tends to aide your grip and therefore increase your leverage.  It also smells nice, I may have to include this as my second favourite smell after leather.

I decided to take control and got Alex to lay with his back on the couch whilst I straggled him, reverse cowgirl.  This position can often be a tricky one for the girl, if practiced on a chair you either find you require high heels to gain the height required for good movement or that you are squatting so low to reach your cock target that your thighs have only limited use before you collapse. 

I found neither of these to be a problem, my legs quite comfortably stretched over the width of the couch allowing me to place my heels soundly on the floor.  This is where the added bounce I mentioned earlier comes back in to play.  For every downward thrust I gave, Alex met me with an energetic upward thrust.  This made for a very deep, very satisfying fuck.  I lost count of the orgasms, it was a truly mind blowing experience.

I have only good things to say about this couch.  It fits both Alex and I perfectly and aids sexual stamina in some of the most demanding positions and that has to be a good thing.  Don’t you agree?  😉  Anything which enables me to fuck for longer gets a vote in my book.

The only criticism I do have is it’s overall stability when you are giving it your all.  I found myself either leaning to one side or the other and having to straighten up but it didn’t present too much of a problem.  To counteract this we added more air to the top portion of the couch and that reduced the movement.

So a top tip is, keep your couch fully inflated at all times and if you are going at it like porn stars you may need to jump off and give it a quick pump now and again.  I suppose this could be called “couch fluffing”.  😀

Something which made me smile whilst I was being take from behind whilst leaning over the backrest was one of the usage notes on the base, “Intended for novelty use only”.  For some reason this made me chuckle.  Perhaps it would have been more apt to have put “This couch is going to make you fuck like a teenager”…

Oooh, still got another 12 positions to try out and some of my own, this weekend is passing too quickly!

This couch is a revelation. It allows you to try out positions you’d never considered before. It also allows you to enjoy those awkward positions you may have tried without the risk of physical injury, and for longer, thus increasing your enjoyment.

Its design is strong, practical and because of its gently curving shape, will suit any couple’s stature.

One great feature is that the inflation takes place in two main sections and two very small side bars which run the length of the couch. From box to use it’s fifteen minutes of pumping. If you store with just the top section deflated and slid discretely under you bed it’s less than four minutes before the couch is ready for action.

The only gripe we do have is that it has to be fully inflated before use. Even a slight deflation, as we experienced overnight between uses, makes the couch unstable,. But a few stokes with the supplied pump and you’re ready to go again.

And we promised you something special, so here’s a movie file of the couch.