Lesbian Tendencies

By | March 16, 2008

The other week we watched a program called Dawn Goes Lesbian, where Dawn Porter allegedly attempted to explore her sexuality regarding lesbian tendencies. That failed dismally and came across as a bit of TV journo about faux sexual preferences and hers were clearly hetero.

I knew from my early teens that I had lesbian tendencies. One of my friends in my own class would love to spend time playing with my hair. She sat at the desk behind me and would run her fingers through my hair, comb it and gather it together in ponytails and other styles.

After the hair play she would get me to turn my chair round to face her and she would then lavish her attentions on my hands, massaging them and stroking them. At the time I didn’t quite realise what she was doing, I just enjoyed the affection and didn’t particularly fancy her.

It occurred to me some years later that she was probably courting me, winning me over with her feminine wilds. 😉 Even then I knew that I needed to be in the company of both male and females. I loved the softness of a woman but also knew that men had something I wanted too.

My best friend throughout senior school was a lesbian. Totally not interested in men, I tried on several occasions to get her off with one and each failed. The worst and most marked rejection resulted in her bursting in to tears when I sent her up to a room with a guy in it. He made a pass at her and she ran off in tears. I felt awful doing that and never tried it again.

Where am I going with this? I suppose what I wanted to point out re the program I watched was that the conclusion was that she wasn’t lesbian at all because she liked men too much. Well duh! Most intelligent people would know that you like females exclusively if you are a lesbian, no sexual tom foolery, just women!

The program should have been about her exploring the possibility that she was bi…just like me. 😉

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