Glorious Boobs And Sticky Vicky

By | March 16, 2008

Sticky VickyI’m not going to whinge about last week which spilled over in to Saturday and brought both of us down but we are both so glad that it is over.

We decided to pick ourselves up and spoil ourselves by going out for a pub lunch to our favourite countryside haunt. I wish it was closer to home but I suppose that would make us visit more often and we simply couldn’t afford to.

It’s a typical moorland pub, old fashioned, atmospheric, frequented by the locals and best of all not part of one of those dreadful chains of theme pubs. Alex and I sit in there and time just stops for a while, it’s therapeutic.

We took the corner table and to one side there was a group of four old ladies on a day out and across the other way there were two couples. Alex and I sat opposite each other, quite, slightly withdrawn and subdued.

I caught a glimpse of one of the girls in the foursome to the side of us. She had the most humungous pair of boobs, just like to melons secreted under a low cut white t-shirt. My mouth must have dropped slightly as I homed in on them. There is no doubt in my mind, I certainly am a boob girl. 😉

She wasn’t a looker but and I never thought I would say this…you could forget about that as you got lost in her fleshy mounds. Being ever so careful not to arouse suspicion I gestured with my eyes for Alex to give her a glance. A quick turn of his head to scan her and then return his amazed gaze back to me.

I can dream can’t I.

I was shaken from my predation by the sound of the oldest lady sat to the other side of us saying “And I saw Sticky Vicky when we were in Benidorm”.

At that point the silence was broken as I started to giggle, then he joined in and within moments we were trying to hold back the laughter. I didn’t dare look to see if she realised that we had just overheard her naughty confession. I found out later from Alex that she also said “She had no clothes on…I thought I was seeing things at first”.

I’ve heard of Sticky Vicky but wasn’t sure exactly what all the fuss was about, I knew that she was an adult entertainer of some sorts. So when we got back home I decided to Google her and see what she got up to.

Within minutes I had found several clips of parts of her act on YouTube. I read somewhere that she is now in her 60’s and still performing. It’s quite impressive, anyone who can remove bottle tops with there pussy has my vote. I also found out that her daughter is now following in her footsteps and taking part in the act.

Nothing quite like passing on your knowledge to your offspring. Lol

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