Pam And Steve – Part 2

By | September 28, 2010

Wet Breasts“I didn’t know you smoked.” Said Pam

“I don’t.” Replied Steve. “Well I had stopped. But I needed one today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry it’s my fault …”

“It’s not your fault that I have no will power. I’ll have a couple, realise I smell like an ash tray and bin the rest of the packet.” He laughed. “The hit’s great when you haven’t smoked for a while but the smell and the coughing in the morning I can do without.”

“I shouldn’t have asked you to … well you know.” Pam said meekly.

“I enjoyed it. I’ve never done anything quite like that before and you told me what to expect and that you didn’t want anything more. OK, it was difficult to stop my self asking for more but that’s my problem. You can’t help being a sexy lady.”

Pam blushed and turned away.

“You are sexy. You’re just a bit strange.”

“Aw, thanks!”

Steve cocked his head to one side. “Hmmm?”

“OK, I’ll give you that one.”

“How about dinner. I promise not to smoke. No strings, just to make me feel better.”

“Tonight, pick me up at eight.”


Steve swirled the red wine in the ridiculously large glass. “This isn’t so bad, is it?”

“No it’s very nice, thank you for bringing me here. I’ve walked past it dozens of times and never even noticed it was a restaurant.” She bit her lip, considering if she should speak her mind and if he was ready for what she had to say. “I want you again. Like last night.” He felt her foot stroke his calf through his trousers.

“Oh. I thought you didn’t do foreplay.” Her foot stopped moving for a moment and then continued its slow rubbing.

“I don’t.” Said Pam seemingly puzzled. “It just felt right.”


The night went as it had previously, Steve burying himself in her cleavage, this time framed in a white blouse and thoughtfully front-fastening light blue bra. She came even more quickly this time. He hardly had time to get into the sucking of her nipples before her body arched and her stifled shrieks signalled her orgasm.

He watched her for a moment, reclined on the sofa, eyes closed and with a satisfied smile on her face. He pulled himself to his feet but instead of heading to the bathroom he opened his mouth to speak. He knew what he wanted to say but she had told him what he wanted was off limits so he shut his mouth again.

Pam opened her eyes. “Are you going to take care of yourself?” She asked in a soft apologetic voice.

“I suppose I was.”

“Sit down, do it here so I can watch.” She pulled herself into a sitting position.

Surprised he unzipped himself and pulled out his hard penis before sitting down. “I thought you didn’t get off on anything but your boobs?”

“I don’t but wouldn’t you like me to see you cum?”

Steve started to masturbate, with fingers wrapped around his shaft he toyed with himself for her. Her boobs were now half covered by her blouse which had fallen over them but if was only moments before she reached inside to pinch her own nipples, exposing her soft mounds to his gaze. She was enjoying this more than she realised, fondling herself wasn’t just for his benefit.

He wanted to cum on her tits. No he wanted to fuck her but he would have made do with a tit wank. However both were out of the question, he knew that so encouraged himself with the site of her fingers caressing her breasts while he brought himself closer and closer to climax.

Pam was enraptured by the sight of his soft skin sliding across the hard shaft of his cock. The smooth head of his penis appeared and disappeared inside his foreskin. It was shiny now, lubricated with the clear fluid that always precedes ejaculation and it glistened in the low lights. Her aroma had now made its way between her legs, hot and female in a deeply animal way. They could both smell it and were excited by its potent and honest declaration of her carnality.

“Aaah!” The orgasm caught him unawares and rather than extend the pleasure any longer he was forced to slowly stroke his cock in time with rhythm his body now dictated. A tiny fountain of viscous white semen erupted and splattered onto his hand. He was lost in his own pleasure but was sure he heard Pam gasp.

The warm glow of his climax faded and he became aware of Pam beside him. “I enjoyed that.”

“So did I.” Chuckled Steve. Just not as much as I might have enjoyed you he mused.