Private Sex Show 2

By | September 30, 2010

Doggy Style On DeslThe DVD player sat on the shelf for a couple of days until its owner returned to pick it up. The bell above the door jangled its shrill note and announced her arrival just as the kettle boiled. He cursed the interruption but as he muttered under his breath he caught sight of her and realised it was the same woman he’d masturbated over a few days earlier.

He swallowed hard and composed himself before greeting her. He asked for her repair ticket despite knowing exactly which piece of equipment she had come to collect.

She paid for the work and a little awkwardly asked “Was there a DVD in the player?”

“I don’t know.” he lied, shuffling awkwardly, his flushed cheeks giving him away.

She was shocked for a moment then her pupils widened as her mind took in the realisation that he had seen her striptease and … the rest.

“Oh. Did you like it?” she asked.

“Yes.” He answered truthfully. He could see she was enjoying the thought of him watching her. “Who was the DVD for?” he asked, pushing his luck.

“Oh, whoever…” She said feigning a coy look and failing.

“You were very good.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want me to show you?” His heart thumped, realising he’d over stepped the mark.

“Yes.” She said.


The door was locked, the sign turned to closed and he was in the back room again. Except this time she was there in the flesh. She wore a pair of jeans not the skirt and a T-Shirt not a blouse. Her hair was down, falling down her back in blonde cascades.

“Let me see what you did …” She instructed.

He unzipped himself and let his trousers fall to his knees. His cock was becoming hard, the though of reciprocating to the subject of his previous masturbation fantasy a turn on. When she unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand into her panties, leaning back against the bench.

He sat in the chair, cock in hand and watched her hand moving inside her jeans. She watched him in return, fascinated by his cock and enjoying the sight of a man masturbating for her. He spread some saliva around his now shining helmet with his fingers before continuing to pump his penis with his fist.

Her fingers were obviously deep inside her moving less. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open, concentrating hard.

“I’m going to cum.” He said, his voice strained.

“What!” Her eyes snapped open. She pushed her jeans and knickers down over her hips. A wave of rich feminine scent seemed to instantly permeate the air when her glistening pussy was exposed. She turned, bending over the bench to present her round ass to him.

He stood up and shuffled across to her. At first he rested his cock between her butt cheeks and pressing his balls against her, but only for a moment. He needed to cum and she needed him inside her. He bent his knees slightly and leaned forward to reduce the height. It was awkward but pressed his cock onto her G Spot when he slid into her velvety hole.

The bench rattled with each thrust. She was on the edge of orgasm, her moans signalled that. He was unable to hold back and in three hard strokes filled her pussy with his semen. She gasped and whimpered her orgasm and gripped his now spent cock inside her.