Cum In The Office

By | September 30, 2010

GirlHis eyes were fixed on the coat stand. His dark blue Crombie hung alongside his umbrella and bowler hat giving him ample distraction, inanimate objects to study while he dictated to his new secretary. Yet still his mind wandered …

“Where did I get to Miss Green?”

Miss Green rested the end of her pencil on her red painted lips for a moment and looked at him over the top of her glasses. “Dear Mr Jones, Reference you letter of the 3rd instance … that’s it.” Her chestnut hair flowed in gentle curls over her shoulders and ended between her shoulders. Green eyes flickered and teased him from a face that feigned innocence and promised a knowledge that made his heart race.

“Oh. Nothing more?”

“I’m afraid not.”

Then she did it again. She wiggled her hips, with the pad in her hand and pen on her lips she wiggled her hips in that so provocative way.

“I’ll finish it later Miss Green.”

“Are you a little distracted sir?” She asked.

“Yes I’m afraid so. You were doing that thing again.”

“Oh. I’m sorry …”

“No, don’t apologise. It’s very nice.”

She looked at his crotch and realised how nice it was for him. “Wold you like me to, er?”

“Please, if you would Miss Green.”

She sat on the edge of the desk and unfastened the flies of his bespoke business suite, reached inside and straightened out his constricted, throbbing member. He lay back in his chair, enjoying the sensation of her finger and perfectly manicured nails grasping then slowly stroking his shaft. He began to groan, precum seeping from the tip of his cock.

“Sir?” she ventured.

“Yes Miss Green?”

“May I?” She asked.

“Of course Miss Green.”

She stood up and pulled up the hem of her pencil skirt to reveal her stocking and silk knickers, the latter of which she pulled over her hips and let float to the ground before bent over the desk.

He stood and presented his cock to her pouting, swollen, moist pussy lips. As he pressed the tip of his cock against her labia there was a knock at the door. “Come.” He commanded.

“Not yet Sir.” Said Miss Green.

“Not you young lady!”

A junior secretary entered with a pile of folders. “The figures for Europe Sir.” She said unsteadily.

“On the desk girl. Haven’t you seen two people having sex before.” He said tersely.

“Only in the induction film.” She replied uncertainly.

“Well you better stay and watch. Can’t have you dithering like that.”

The girl stood, hands clasped in front of her and stared avidly at his veined cock as he pushed it into Miss Green’s expectant cunt. The yelp that escaped from Miss Green’s mouth as the hard cock was thrust into her made the watching girl lift her hand to her mouth and squeal with surprise.

He began a slow and steady rocking motion, his hips swinging with a metronome like regularity until he had divined what Miss Green’s body required of his hard member. The slick wetness of her tight passage gripped his cock and stimulated the sensitive nerve endings of his glans, frenulum and shaft. He could feel her muscular contractions already before her orgasm. She was aroused, by him? Maybe or maybe by an earlier dalliance with her own finger while preparing to take shorthand from him? He didn’t care. She needed his cock now and it was his duty as a gentleman to satisfy her.

He began a series of deep and powerful thrusts, not hard and brutal but slow and firm, reaching into the deepest recesses of her pussy. Her moans turned to groans almost immediately, the language of her body translating into a writhing, grinding series of wave like undulations that signalled he had tuned his lustful penetrating thrusts to her needs.

He listened to her cavorting torso, waiting for the moment. He was always conscious of the girl at the side of the desk, watching, waiting, expectant of the ultimate climax but yet he focused on Miss Green with her stockings exposed to him, puckered asshole on show to him and pussy filled with his cock as he ground into her on the desk …

Her muscles began to clench, devouring his cock and signalling her imminent orgasm. He quickened his pace fucking her for his own pleasure now, knowing that she was already heading towards that inevitable petite mort that brings such blissful release.

And then it was there, her gripped in the paroxysm of joy that is an intense orgasm and him grasping her shoulder, pulling him onto his hard cock as if to ensure that ever drop of his issue is forced into the very core of her being.