What A Great Fuck

By | March 17, 2008

It will come as no surprise to most of our old readers that I like a man in uniform, I also like a man in a suit. There is just something so hot about the juxtaposition of the upstanding professional male and the internal animal just waiting to break free and be sleazy and dirty.

And I’m the woman to bring out the animal! 😉

It’s become a slight fetish of mine to not only be fucked by a man in a suit but also whilst he is wearing it. Alex has one for just such an occasion, we have to ensure that the crotch is wiped afterwards. None of those Monica Lewinsky give away white marks. Lol

Cum is so bad for that. You check the upholstery thoroughly post fuck just to be sure that none of his seed had been spilled on to it. And yes it’s ok, right up to the moment that someone visits or you take a passenger in your car. “Oh that’s, just a bit of mayo from a sandwich I ate the other day. It’s dry you’ll be ok”. Lol

I could recall many a time that the odd bit of spunk had nearly given the game away but I think I’ll save that for another post. 🙂

What I was going to say was that it occurred to me the other day, another of my little naughty nuances is that I like a guy in a long coat. It can be a long leather one, just like Keanu Reeves wears in the Matrix. Or a great coat just like the one that Captain Jack wears in Torchwood. *drool*

Ok, I’ll stop now.

This little facet of my sexuality goes way back to my days as a rock chick. They were very popular with my male counterparts and one guy in particular looked so fucking hot in his. I spent months eyeing him up and watching him with his girlfriend Amy, just wishing she was me.

Well, my patience and flirting eventually paid off. One night he was in my local rock club on his own. No Amy in sight. Could they have broken up? You know I wanted him so much I didn’t even care. I was so confident back then, if I wanted something I would go right out and get it. What am I saying…I’m still the same today. 😉

He stood about 6’2″ with long brown curly hair, a Robert Plant/Michael Hutchins cross which culminated in him being the most fuckable guy in the club. In those days I wore a tie die skirt and caftan top with just above the knee black boots. My hair was long as it is today but I had it permed and the curls cascaded down my back to just under my shoulder blades.

Nick had noticed me, I had caught him looking my way several times during the evening. I was with a group of girls that night, my boyfriend was working nights. And I know it’s not right but I was young and hormones being hormones, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to stalk my prey.

I flicked my hair smiled and acted like a complete whore all night. It worked, as the last record was spinning on the deck..I think it was Heart’s “Crazy On You”. How appropriate was that. He came over to me and the group of people I was talking to. Close up he looked good too.

He asked if I would like to go to a late night rock club with him. I had to be careful not to let my friends realise that he was interested in me as they knew my bf. So I told him to meet me down the road. He left first and I made my way out with the friends I had been talking to all evening. Once outside I said goodnight to my friends and made my way to Nick.

As I walked down the street he jumped out of a shop doorway and took hold of my hand. His unbuttoned grey coat almost floated on the early spring breeze as he walked with me. We ran to catch the bus which was just about to pull off and spent a wonderful evening in the late night club. And when we emerged on to the street it was quiet and he pulled me in to a quiet passageway.

It transpired that his gf wasn’t being faithful to him and he had found out. He was now on the rebound and I wasn’t about to stop him.

..his hand reached up my skirt and his coat enveloped me like a cape. It was one of those Dracula moments, when he is about to bite into the girls neck. The sound of his zipper resonated against the brick walls of the passageway…

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