His And Hers Sex Toys

By | March 18, 2008

I was just wondering what depicts the ideal sexual understanding between two partners. Alex and I have always had good communication, never really faltered when it came to discussing certain needs which we both have.

It took a while to develop other areas of our sexuality and I suppose that was in part down to our explorations. We both like light bondage for example. But we can broach these subjects without either of us feeling embarrassed or reluctant. Either of us can say no at any time but strangely enough there has never been a time when we both haven’t wanted to participate.

We are lucky, some never get to experience their sexual dreams and desires with their partners. Alex is the first guy that I have been able to fully express myself with, others have been more conventional and in some cases uneducated in the bedroom. I suppose that we were fortunate to happen upon each other, we could have been leading separate and much different lives.

The catalyst for this tale of thought was when I walked in to the bedroom just now to retrieve my watch. There on the bedside drawers at my side of the bed was my latest toy to be tested and over on Alex’s was his latest.

I suppose that is total mutual sexual acceptability and understanding…His and Hers toys left out next to the bed. đŸ™‚