He Took Me Up The Back Passage

By | March 18, 2008

AlexSuze.com, SuzeWe had a great evening. The music was wonderful and I had head banged my way through several songs. I always thought it not a very girly thing to do but it was the only thing you could do to rock music, they should come up with something for the girls to do whilst the guys head bang in the mosh pit.

Throughout the evening in the rock club I was lavished with drinks and his kisses. He didn’t seem to be pushy, not even sexual really. He made great conversation with a little naughty humour and innuendo thrown in for good measure.

He stood about 6′ in his boots, just slightly taller than me. I love guys who can possess me either through word or stature, I just love to be taken. 😉 He could do both, he was a very smooth talker and said he was hurt that his gf could betray him like that. So he had a softer emotional side too, which was good. 😉

This guy captivate me and I was slightly in awe of him, he was good looking, had some of the best looking girls willing to drop their panties for him. And tonight he was with me!

I don’t’ know if you have ever purchase India tie die clothing but it has a very distinguishable aroma and that night as the moist air hit the fine cotton fabric I could smell the dye floating on the air. It’s one thought I will never forget.

We hurriedly walked out of the club with his arm over my shoulder. Within minutes we walked past an open passageway between some shops I think. It was dark and fortunately didn’t smell of piss like a lot do.

I was slightly intoxicated, I had partaken in quite a few drinks I believe to allay my guilt or calm my nerves I’m not sure which. So I was buzzing by the time we entered this dark passageway. He took me in his arms and pushed his lips hard against mine and then his tongue began to probe my mouth. My lips moistened and my panties started to darken. He was good. 😉

At that moment I began to see why Amy liked him so much. His hand flitted across my breast almost trying to remain undetected as he copped a feel of my erect nipple beneath his palm. It must have been hard, I was so turned on. For some reason I briefly wrestled with the thought that I had a bf and then it was gone, this guy had my complete attention.

He smelled of patuli oil, not a smell I like but one which is distinguishable and recognisable from any other. I heard him pull down his fly as I embraced him in a long deep kiss. Not very subtle as it was clearly audible above any other noise out in that alley.

I recall it started to rain as he lifted the thin fabric of my skirt and fumbled his way in to my panties. At that point I shivered, it was still fairly cold and he wrapped his great coat around me. He tugged gently at the gusset of my panties and I allowed him to loosen them, pulling them down over my boots and off my legs. I placed them in my leather jacket pocket.

It was cold and he wrapped his woollen wings around me kissing me on the neck. I remember to this day that he had a very naughty tongue and great breath, which I can’t say about all my bf’s.

I don’t normally shag the first bloke who wants to fuck me but he was an exception, I had been checking him out for months…

He pushed me hard against the red brick wall of the passageway and parted my legs with his. For one moment I wondered if this was what I wanted. Of course it was, I had been looking at him for a while, wanting, wishing I was Amy, I was hardly about to stop now.

The passageway was quiet aided by the bad weather it was raining and most people had gone home to their cosy surroundings. But I wasn’t interested in the weather. 😉
He lifted me up and placed me against the cold wall. Then I felt the warmth of his cock nuxzling against my pussy. He pushed upwards and I let him inside me. He felt good in there, filling me with his turgid flesh. But I had a sight pang of guilt…that quickly subsided. 😉

I wrapped my legs around him and was lifted off the floor as he pushed deep inside me. I was so excited that I came within seconds of him entering me. Of course I kept this secret. He was now thrusting in to me and I was rubbing against the red brick of the alley way.

He was rhythmically moaning with each thrust inside me. It was so exciting to me being fucked in an alley that I came quite quickly. My pussy contracted for the last time and I gently moaned in to his right ear. I hung on for my dear life as he fucked me hard against that wall.

After that night we remained friends but we never revealed that we got off together, for he went back with his gf Amy and I did with my bf.

I wonder what he is doing now? Does he remember me?