No, I Said Cooking!

By | December 5, 2006

My parents were partial to the odd drop of wine when I was a teenager.  They weren’t posh enough to own a wine cellar but bought it by the crate and stored it at the back of the garage.  Consequently we were never short of a drop or two for enjoying with the Sunday dinner or any other meal come to mention it.  Lol.

One of my favourite pastimes was cooking and I would quite often knock something up whilst my parents were out and serve it up when they got back.  I’m not sure if they were just good at making the right sounds and faces or if they really did like my cooking but I never heard them complain.  Mind you I would probably had a girly tantrum if they had.  😀

They would occasionally go out on a Saturday shopping together.  Very brave of my father, not many men would do this.  Ok…Alex just kicked me and pointed out that he shops with me.  Is it me or do most men becoming struck dumb when they are out shopping with us girls?  You ask for an opinion on something and it takes an age to get an answer out of them.

Anyway, where was I?  Yes, I used to like to cook and if my g/f Elizabeth came to stay over as she did quite often.  We would cook something up together.  Strangely enough all our recipes involved wine!  I don’t know why that was or why we only used the smallest amount of alcohol but always placed an empty bottle in the bin.

Our favourite dish to create was steak diane, this comprised of sirloin steak (no surprises there!) cream, mushrooms and WINE!  I had a thing about being a television cook and would narrate the whole process from start to finish.  I can remember those famous words now, “and here is one I prepared earlier”.  🙂

During the preparation and cooking of this dish we would taste it frequently and then follow it up with a drop of wine.  No glasses were required, that would make for more washing up.  Not being used to alcohol at the tender age of 11 it wasn’t long before we were ratted and giggling like a couple of schoolgirls.  Ooh, we were a couple of schoolgirls!

I always tried to keep Elizabeth at arms length when we were together, for some reason I didn’t want her to think that I was taking advantage of the fact that she wanted me.  But when I had been drinking alcohol the defence system went slightly awry.  We would be giggling together and then catch one another’s eye and before we knew it we would be kissing.  And shit the food would be catching before we knew where we were.

Being with her and having intimacy with her felt natural.  She never made me feel ill at ease, on the contrary she was a very calming influence.  We would embrace and kiss deeply, hands searching in to bra cups or up under each others tops.  By the time the food was cooked and my parents arrived home , for some reason we weren’t hungry.  Having consumed all the wine and testing the food throughout we didn’t want anything to eat.

It’s so hard stopping yourself from giggling and acting the fool in front of your parents when you are sowsed.  I think the harder you try the sillier you look.  Your annunciation and mannerisms become over embellished and false.  I think they did know that we were quite often the worse for wear but turned a blind eye.

Or was it because we would be off to bed early with the alcohol induced malaise.  Either way they never fronted us up about it but often joked about just how much wine went in to the dish.  😀  On reflection I should have kept back some of the double cream for later too.

After dinner and a couple of hours watching television downstairs with my parents, we would retire to bed.  Mum always set out a camp bed for Elizabeth to sleep on.  She would toss and turn and I would ask her to jump in with me.  Not needing to be asked twice she would climb in behind me and spoon up with her arms around me.

We would fondle each other gently and then drift off in to a blissful sleep.  If she came to sleep over now I would be delving in my bedside cupboard for interesting play things to share with her.  There would be very little sleep in my bed that’s for sure.

This post just reminded me I need to look her up…