Sex On A Bike

By | March 19, 2008

I thought I’d heard everything, and so did the Sheriff who prosecuted this case.

It provoked much debate and prompted the BBC to post a further story here. While the articles don’t detail exactly what a “sex act” with a bicycle entails, it’s the BBC after all, it does raise the question, if they guy was on his own and the cleaners had to use a pass key to get into the room then surely they were invading his privacy.

The articles also point out that a woman using a sex toy might not have been treated so severely, or indeed prosecuted at all. Yet again this highlights the difference in perceptions what is and isn’t acceptable sexual behaviour.

If Robert Stewart had been shagging his bike in the street I could perhaps have more sympathy with the Sheriff’s decision to prosecute. But as he was on his own the only reason I can think of to stop him from sticking his dick where he wanted was that he might cause himself some injury.

All of which just goes to prove that there’s always something out there to surprise you.