Big Boobed German Girls

By | October 3, 2010

Ines CudnaHaving once been a slight 32AA cupped girl I can say just how glad I am that today I now have an ample cleavage. Just ask Alex. Lol As a young girl I would dream of the days when I could wear low cut dresses and tops with confidence.

Suze spent many an hour in front of the mirror with my mum’s bra on stuffed with toilet roll. She liked the pointy cupped bras I remember and they would almost have your eyes out if you weren’t careful. 🙂

I was reminded of all this by the papers who reported that body shape in Germany has changed and a survey revealed that the frauleins are now a whole inch larger than just a couple of years ago. They are also taller, the average height is now 5′ 5″.

In a couple of weeks I will let you know if this is true when I’m over there at the Venus Sexpo. 😉