MILF Hunting

By | October 3, 2010

PinkMadonna’s been quoted as saying that she likes toy boys because men her age are bald and fat. Always the way I suppose, when you have money you don’t have to worry too much about age differences, cash seems to make up for any disparities in ages, tastes, and compatibility.

It’s the same for rich men and rich women. If they feel so inclined they can choose from a broader range of ages when choosing a partner. I wonder if it bothers them to be seen out with their younger prize?

Would it bother you? I think I’d have a bit of a problem with it. I couldn’t bring myself to be seen to have bought some form of trophy partner. Even if they weren’t actually doing it I would feel people were wanting to point and say “Look at the sad old guy with the young piece of skirt on his arm.”

However being totally skint I suppose it would be alright for me to have a partner many years my junior. Problem being that would involve me winning them over with my charm and personality. So that’s not going to happen …

But in all seriousness returning to my original point about compatibility between partners of widely different ages I would probably feel completely uncomfortable with a woman much younger than myself. While offering obvious entertainment possibilities in the bedroom their appeal would probably be short-lived.

Still I suppose that would mean I could keep getting a new one. LOL