Passion From The Couple Downstairs

By | October 4, 2010

The Smiths Album CoverWhen we first met we lived in the flat for about a year. One full year of fucking, discovery and naughty play, remind me to tell you about some of our encounters later.

The flat was situated in student land and nearly all of the neighbours were either students or renters. It’s a good job in those days we didn’t require much sleep, there was always a party going on somewhere on that street. Usually next door at the shared house, where they would let off fireworks without warning at any time in the early hours. LOL

Below our flat lived a rather swarthy car salesman and his good looking leggy blonde girlfriend, whom I wouldn’t have said no to if she had asked me. 😉 She was a stunner and he wasn’t half bad either! We only exchanged solicitations with them on the rare occasion we passed each other in the street. I hear you asking, “how did you know he was a car salesman?.” Well, it wasn’t that difficult, his four-by-four had the garage’s name all over it. 😀

On the whole they were a quiet couple, worked all day, went out most evenings not much trouble really. Except, when they got back, presumably from the pub the fun would start. The music would go on, I assume to cover up the noise rather than for atmosphere. Alex and I would be lying in bed, post shag having a cigarette. Yes we both smoked back then and the post coital fag was simply the icing on the cake. Cough!

The tell tale squeaking of the bed downstairs would soon follow, there room was directly under out bedroom. You could hear Mike picking up pace as the squeaks got closer together and at this point the gf would start to whimper and moan. When excited she had a very high pitched voice in complete contrast to her normal speaking tone.

He would fuck faster and faster and she increased her volume with the tempo. Her moans would become louder as she forgot herself in the pleasure of his erection. He on the other hand just continued with a monotone grunt in time with his thrusts. Eventually she just let rip and would shout out “Mike fuck me harder, yes, yes!”. I would turn to Alex and smile.

I never found out her name but that is how we knew what he was called. 😀

At first I used to get quite annoyed about their sexual antics. I think it was the good girl in (don’t laugh!) me wanting to deny the fact that I was getting turned on by the thought of them fucking just under our room. Trying to put my feelings to one side and be detached. But they did excite me and after a few weeks of playing voyeur to their sex play, I let myself go and enjoy the spectacle.

I jumped on top of Alex and fucked him reverse cowgirl in time with Mike’s thrusts. Alex came with a quiver just after Mike’s last grunt and his I’ve just shot my load Aghhh!. I remember that evening so vividly it was the start of our being open and honest in all things sex, never would we keep secret our desires again.

Mike and blonde fucked each night for several weeks with us joining in above. Until one night when they came home and the door slammed shut behind them. We looked knowingly at each other. They were obviously rowing. They started to exchange insults and we could hear doors being slammed and stomping around. It then went deathly quiet for about 10 minutes. We both wondered if one of them had killed the other. Seriously! They really went hell for leather with the arguing and then silence.

Then the outside door slammed as someone left. Alex and I were quite relieved that the argument appeared to be over. Next we heard Mike shout “You bitch!. There was no need to cut up my clothes.” I know we shouldn’t have but we both broke in to laughter. With our hands over our mouths of course.

It was apparent that she had cut up his clothes and then walked out on him. We had tried to work out what had gone on from the exchanges but it was difficult as they were moving from room to room below us. It could have been that he cheated on her but we never found out.

Mike then turned on the music and I swear this is true…
He started playing This Charming Man by The Smiths. If you haven’t heard this song here is the extract which made Alex and myself nearly piss ourselves laughing:

I would go out tonight
But I haven’t got a stitch to wear
This man said “it’s gruesome
That someone so handsome should care”
Oh, la-la, la-la, la-la, this charming man …
Oh, da-da, da-da, da-da, this charming man …

I certainly think Mike had a sense of humour.