Fucking Like Rabbits

By | March 20, 2008

When Alex and I first got together I had a good job and a company vehicle. It felt strange being the one to call round and pick him up but at the same time it made me feel powerful and a bit horny. There is something sexual about the feeling of having power it’s a turn on for me as is the relinquishing of it. 😉

At the time neither of us had our own place and the car became our little nookie den. I would drive out in to the countryside and park up. Back then we were both a little more supple and we had no problems manoeuvring inside the confines of the car.

I would park up in one of the many beauty spots, shame we couldn’t see a bloody thing. Lol But one thing we could make out in the headlights were the local rabbits, who for some reason would come out to perform in the light.

I forgot to mention that despite the freezing temperatures outside we still managed to fuck our selves silly under a blanket I kept in the boot of the car. Alex would push the passenger seat back as far as it would go and I would sit on his lap. Correction hard cock.

You had to be careful not to bounce too high or you would get a shock when your head made contact with the roof. I remember that clearly. Lol It’s not a very dignified way to have sex but when you don’t get the opportunity very often it’s heavenly.

So whenever we felt the urge to do the dirty we would say that we were off bunny watching. 😉 Strange what thoughts of Easter can do to you.