Butt Plug Fuck

By | October 5, 2010

Nice AssSex needs to follow its own natural course. Sometimes you have a desire to act out certain fantasies or dress up in a particular way but generally I find sex is quite fluid. Once it becomes over thought or prescriptive then it gets a bit same old and uninteresting. A little bit like eating the same thing for dinner every day. Lol

And just like food cravings, whilst we are on the subject. I have certain sexual craving from time to time. This past week I have longed for more than the quick gratification of a speed fuck, with more kissing, petting, fellatio, cunnilingus and neck/ear biting.

The comfort and relaxation I have found in our love making has manifested itself in my desire to use butt plugs. As I have said many times before here, I’m not a full on anal girl but I’m getting there slowly via the B roads. 😉

I don’t normally stop Alex once he starts to fuck me but I knew that I needed, yes needed to have a butt plug stuck up my ass while he fucked away at my pussy. After a few strokes I whispered that I wanted something up there and he obliged, retrieving my Bootie and some anal lube from my draw.

Light out once more he pushed his hard cock back inside me again and my pussy started to pulse with life, blood pumping, coursing through my body. A few more strokes to get me to that place again and he lubed up my butt plug and placed the cold tip against my opening.

To ease the transition I let myself relax and allowed him to push inside me, my sphincter easing him in. Then I felt the tell tale bump of silicone against my anus as my muscles pulled it deep inside me.

Plug in place Alex started to pump away at me. He really did give me a good rogering and the combination of cock running in and out of my fanny and the butt plug nestled inside my ass rubbing his hard prick was making the whole experience more exciting and arousing. 😉

I could hear him sloshing in and out of me as fucked away. His hand reached forward grabbing my left breast and gently squeezing its fleshy fullness. My nipples were so hard that I thought they may burst as he leant over me and took it’s full erect flesh in to his mouth. He bit, I Ow’ed and he laughed. The horny bastard.

The onslaught continued in my cunt and I was so wet now that the surplus come was taking its leave down my thighs. There it went again, another orgasm, vocalised leaving me panting for breath.

I was aware of the butt plug nestled between my cheeks rocking with Alex’s thrusts in to me. I pushed down on the soft base with my middle finger being careful not to obstruct the motions. Then suddenly and without warning Alex howled and pumped his seed inside my pussy. I met his movements as he slowed and eventually collapsed over my ass.

Boy did that feel good. 😉