Did I Tell You About The Guy With The Big Cock?

By | March 21, 2008

What a week! Along with the problems we had over the weekend then spilled in to the week it has been very busy at work. No time to think and certainly not very much time for our usual smutty talk.

That was until today, we were all more than ready for the 4 day Easter break and let off a little steam this afternoon.

I told you all a while back that Busty is on her own again. Well, she has now started to put her feelers out. She apparently registered on Friends Reunited to see if any of her old school mates were interested in meeting up.

That’s when he contacted her…

She said that she had received a few emails from girls she used to knock about with in senior school and as a result of her communications she had been approached by an old flame.

He used to go out with her when she was only twenty and he was ten years older than her. I was made familiar with him when she said “Did I tell you about the guy with the big cock I used to go out with?”.

“No, I replied. I’m sure I would have remembered.

“He contacted me the other day. He’s married now which is a shame”, she added.

“So, tell me more about him”, insisted Horny whose ears had picked up at the thought of a large cock. Lol

“We were together for a few years but he became a bit too controlling so I broke up with him”, replied Busty.

“No, what she really wanted to know was just how big he was”, I added with a giggle. They know me now and have remarked on several occasions that I am the one with the dirty mind who had corrupted them. So, that’s alright then. 😉

Busty opened up her email and said “I have just received an email from him with some pictures”.

Without being asked twice I jumped up out of my seat. I suppose I was expecting him to have sent her a picture of his cock. That would have given IT something to look at, they are obsessed with mail filtering. Lol

Horny made her way over to Busty’s desk too and we held our breath as she opened the first of the attachments. I don’t know why I was so excited. 😉 The first image appeared on the screen, it was of some kind of motorbike.

“I like the bike”, I said hoping to swiftly move on to the last image.

“He had a motorbike when I was going with him”, she added.

*yes, yes…now hurry up I want to see the last picture* I thought.

She clicked it and there he was…

…he had taken a picture of his torso from shoulder height. Lots of tattoos but no cock in sight. 🙁

“He had my name tattooed on to his upper arm in Chinese when we were together”, she added with a smile.

Yes and I bet his wife has been told that’s her name on their now. Lol