Join The Mile High Club

By | October 5, 2010

Mile High In Club Class:

It was midnight, well it was midnight EST. The plane was about half way across the Atlantic so midnight was a point of view. Matt lay on his side on the very expensive bunk that his company had paid for. He had a hard week ahead in London so he deserved to be pampered.

His eyelids had just closed when he was aware of light falling on them. He opened them a slit and made out the indistinct silhouette of a flight attendant creeping towards the rear of the plane. His eyes closed as the valerian root took effect.


Matt woke to the announcement that the flight was due to land in 45 minutes. He decided to freshen up before the horrors of the baggage carousel.

At the executive bathroom he almost collided into a flight attendant. She was a credit to the airline, makeup perfect, enhancing not submerging her striking good looks, her sumptuously curved figure enhanced by an impeccably cut skirt suite, chestnut hair held up by myriad expertly place hairpins. She smile sweetly as the turned side-on to pass each other in the corridor.

Then he felt her hand on his groin. He was shocked. He felt her unbuckle his belt and fumble with her zip … oh, it’s a dream. Never mind he thought, looks like it could be a good one. He let himself go, not wanting to become too aware of the fact that this wasn’t real. But he directed, cajoled and nudged his subconscious into what happened next.

She reached behind him and pushed the door of the bathroom open. The door was closed and locked behind her. They were alone in the cramped cubicle. Alone except for his painfully hard cock trapped in his trousers. She soon remedied that discomfort by finally unfastening his trousers and pulling down his boxers.

She was about ten centimetres shorter than Matt which gave him the opportunity to look down into her green-brown eyes and onto her sumptuous cleavage. Because they were pressed together he could feel but not see her hand working on his cock, sense the precum oozing from the end and relish the sensation of her finger spreading the viscous fluid around his glans.

She licked her lips in a way that Matt found intensely provocative. And why not, this was his dream.

Then, somehow she managed to drop to her knees and took the end of his prick in her mouth. He could see her lipstick painted lips wrapped around his shaft, feel her tongue as it lapped at its oozing stream of precum. She took him deeper into her mouth, tongue becoming immobile as the cavity was filled with his cock.

He pressed himself into her face, feeling the back of her throat and wanting to press deeper. She drew back, gasping, but immediately pressed forward, seemingly sharing his need to feel his thick member deep in her neck. His hands reached down and held her there, impaled on his cock. Then he released her. She took a deep gulping breath, then another.

His cock glistened with her saliva. Her eyes fixed on it, then her tongue caressed the end. Her hand reached up and encircled the shaft moving up and down its wet length. She stroked him slowly at first but with increasing vigour, causing his balls to rise higher and higher, eventually so tight that he thought they would disappear into his abdomen.

She obviously sensed he was near to cumming because she slipped the end of his cock back into her mouth and continued to pump his shaft with a circle formed by her thumb and index finger. Her other hand was flat against his stomach, preventing him from thrusting into her mouth.

Matt felt the explosive tension in his groin suddenly unleashed. He jetted hot seed into her greedy, sucking mouth. She milked his cock until he was dry, then without a word, stood up, licked her lips and slipped out of the bathroom with a smile.

Matt woke up and reached down to his stomach. His cock was softening, but where he expected to find thick globs of cum he only found the gentle ooze of a little seminal fluid. “Nice one”, he though. Relieved, if a little puzzled he got dressed and strapped himself into his seat for landing.


Matt waited until the other passengers had left the aircraft before disembarking. He hated the rush to leave that left you shuffling towards the exits only to be delayed again when you collected your case while the baggage handlers played rugby with your suitcase.

As he stepped from the aircraft onto the stand a pretty, chestnut-haired flight attendant wished him farewell and smiled a smile that stopped Matt in his tracks. He closed his mouth which had assumed a rather gormless open posture and smiled back at her, not knowing what to say. He managed “Thanks”.

She licked her lips and Matt could have sworn she winked at him. He hurried towards the back carousel and could have sworn he heard her giggle.