Chocolatey Blow Job For Easter

By | March 21, 2008

I bought the girls a small box of chocolates each on Friday to say thanks for listening to me and being so supportive this week through the problems that a couple of people have been causing us. They were delighted and Horny almost screamed with joy, she gets so excited you know. Lol

Busty then disappeared under her desk and retrieved something from her handbag. “This is for you and Alex to enjoy over the Easter break”, she said with a smile and a lovely view of her cleavage. Stop it Suze!!!

The gift was in a small decorative bag with little chicks on. Aaaggh! “Can I take a look?”, I enquired not knowing if she wanted me to wait until Easter.

“Yes, take a look if you like”, she giggled and Horny joined in…it was a conspiracy.

I opened the top of the bag and inside was a small pot of chocolate body paint with a brush to apply it.

“Oh you two are so naughty”, I said giving Busty a nice boob crushing hug. I then walked over to Horny and gave her a thank you hug too.

“Thanks both of you I can’t begin to imagine what I may do with this”, I laughed.

“I bet you can”, came the response from Horny. She knows me too well.

Well, I couldn’t wait for Easter so we disappeared upstairs to the bedroom last night to indulge in some naughtiness. The television was unwatchable because of the high winds battering the satellite dish so we really didn’t have much choice. 😉

Chocolate and clothing doesn’t mix so we both stripped naked casting our clothes to the floor. I got a little over excited at the prospect of chocolate play and couldn’t stop myself from giggling. You will already know that I get that way if you have watched our AS TV clips.

You back then?

I wanted to try the body paint on Alex first and he didn’t object in fact I think he knew I would be chocolating him up first as he lay back on the mattress. He was already hard and his cock was pulsing eager to be coated. It jumps slightly when it is excited, almost beckoning me to do something with it. 😉

Despite Alex’s obvious excitement his cock was still resting slightly against his stomach. Only one course of action remained. I opened the jar and with a small pop the lid came free. The brush was very soft and tickly, I gently brushed my left nipple with it then dipped the brush in to the thick viscous chocolate.

It had the consistency of peanut butter, perhaps just a little less thick. When I applied the sauce to his hard cock I knew why, it started to warm and the aroma of fresh chocolate filled the air. It was heavenly even though I’m not particularly a chocolate fan it smelt good.

Alex wriggled as I brushed the chocolate on to the underside of his prick in one long stroke, up from his balls to the frenulum. One long brown stripe on his hardon, inviting me to taste him.

I placed the body paint and brush on the bedside drawers and lay down beside Alex. His eyes were closed and his mouth smiling. I ran the tip of my tongue gently and deliberately up his shaft and watched as he twitched and gasped. His nipples had begun to harden and his breath was deep and gaining rapidity with each lick I took.

The body paint had a nice taste and despite it being chocolate it wasn’t overly sweet which I was glad about. I continued to lick and the last of the paint coated my tongue. Alex had taken to slowly grinding his ass in to the bed as I toyed with him.

I reached out for the paint again and this time scraped a dollop on to the brush. Taking hold of the base of his cock with my left hand I swirled the chocolate coated brush around his erection, coating all aspects of his appendage this time.

Using the brush I worked the paint from the base of his cock, just above my grasping hand up to the helmet. At that point the brush ran dry so I scooped a small blob from the jar and applied it to the tip of his cock. Then using the brush I ran it around his cockhead and down to meet up with the line just under his frenulum.

His cock was now completely encased in chocolate and I was so engrossed in the job in hand that I hadn’t noticed Alex pushing his hands between my legs as he searched out my clit with his fingers.

He was now rolling my clit around and I spread legs more enabling him to work my clit with his fingers. It was hard and I was already wet with the excitement of his chocolate cock and where it was going next.

I lay beside Alex in a 69 position which allowed him free access to my pussy. My hips bucked as he rubbed my clit from side to side. Still holding his cock I began to lick him with my firm tongue pressed against his flesh. Rubbing the chocolate coating from his helmet, swirling it around his erect bulging cock.

Then I took him in my mouth and bore down on him, sucking all that chocolately goodness off him. My head bobbed up and down his shaft and he started to slowly buck against me, meeting my downward action with his thrusts.

The chocolate was making me salivate and at one point I found myself dribbling on to the sheets. Good job they are brown. 😉 I opened my mouth more to enable him to fuck me without catching my teeth and scraping the flesh from his cock. My lips were now firmly and hermetically sealing his cock in my mouth.

He was groaning as he wildly headfucked me. He was thrusting harder and I gagged as he ventured a little too far down my throat. I had to open my throat more to enable him to enter the top of my throat with his thrusts. Then I found myself gagging again. I pulled my head back slightly, opened my throat and pushed my tongue against the base of my mouth.

This worked, he was now pumping in to my mouth like a pornstar. He placed his hands either side of my head and embraced it as he fucked away. My clit was pulsing from the earlier attention he had given it. I reached between my legs and started to frig myself.

He pumped, I rubbed…he pumped I rolled and then without warning he let loose the most animalistic howl followed by “hmmmmm, hmmmm” and the sweetness was cut though by another familiar taste…

…his come. He had let loose his load in my mouth and I swallowed it down just like an oyster, not wasting a drop of him seminal fluid.

I continued to rub my clit and spurned on by Alex’s orgasm mine engulfed me like a sweet embrace. My whole body twitched as I came on my middle finger and down my thighs.

Suze may have changed her mind about chocolate. 😉

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